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The dessert was voted best bacon big in the More by Drug Living as. A minutes get first priority. Put name or age in sub so I menu U are actually. Located just off the downtown Cassual, 21c is the perfect base for a weekend in Bentonville. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. Benton County and its first town, Bentonville, date back tothe same year Arkansas became the 25th state. But the most important day in the history of Bentonville happened in May of Sam Walton was scouting northwest Arkansas for a place to open a business because it was not too far from where his wife grew up in Oklahoma.

It was the beginning for the man who would go on to create Walmart. You could spend the day eating your way around the square: The dessert was voted best bacon dish in the South by Southern Living magazine. Thanks to the efforts of Walmart heiress Alice Walton and funding from the Walton Family Foundation, a major collection of American art is finally in the middle of America. Other temporary exhibits this summer include American Encounters: The Moshe Safdie design is a marvel of bridges, ponds, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and rows of curved wooden beams surrounding by acres of Ozark woods.

Be sure to explore the 3. In place of a performance venue, the square plays host to concerts, open-air film screenings and festivals. During the Civil War all but 12 downtown Bentonville buildings were burned. A statue dedicated to Cashal soldiers stands at dtaing center of the square.

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