What A Relationship Should Be Like

Of course, your vehicle can and should expect the shouuld characteristics from you: Once you meanwhile earning trust, the fire between you struggles will necessarily die. Following are 8 such "with" you have a new to expect from every high relationship. Intimacy Intimacy is not the same as sex. Should she quiet every ground at the earliest least. We do everything together. As is called co-dependency.

I was one of them. I thought love meant we are one. Shoudl do everything together. There is no you and I. There is only us. This is teenage love. Whaf is a poem. This is a romance novel. It is not healthy love. Whxt love requires facing in the same direction. Not What a relationship should be like each other. This means doing life with each other. Not for each other. I think when we get into a relationship, we can subtly start to control the other person without even knowing it. We care about them so much and only want the best for them. Not always what they believe or want for themselves. It comes from care and concern but suddenly love is now lined with control.

Facing in the same direction means to support, care, listen, communicate, but allow people to be themselves and make their own choices. Of course you can have opinions, but once you start grabbing, you are now pulling them out of their tub and into yours.

What a relationship should be like stunts the relationship and creates drift. Facing in the same direction also means having similar values, virtues, general life beliefs, bigger than self- goals. North stars in the same universe. When your big important life stuff overlaps with their big life important stuff, there is a being on the same team feeling that makes people work hard for their relationship. Makes people put their egos and wants aside sometimes and invest in something bigger. Healthy love requires fire in between. What does fire mean? Yes, attraction and chemistry and great banter and hot sex.

But at the end of the day, fire means trust. Without trust, none of the above is possible. Trust is what keeps you guys warm. And like a fire, trust needs to be fanned and fueled to keep it going. Consideration A considerate partner thinks about how his or her behavior affects you. They don't have to give you everything you ask for, or do everything you want them to do, but they owe you the courtesy of considering things from your point of view. If a partner doesn't do this, he or she is treating you like a pet rock that doesn't need care or feeding. And I know you're not that Time Every relationship is based on sharing at least some time together.

But if he or she rarely or never has time for you, or consistently rations the time you spend together, you might ask yourself how much more of your own time you're willing to spend pursuing them. At least some of your activities, opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc. Intimacy Intimacy is not the same as sex. It means allowing yourself to be known, and wanting to really know your partner.

More than just "Are you a morning rlationship or a night person? Generosity A truly generous partner enjoys helping, soothing, or finding other ways to benefit you. Such a partner doesn't necessarily give you material gifts or take you on fancy vacations.

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