What Element Is Needed For Strong Bones And Teeth

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Milk and meat are excellent sources of phosphorus. The proper balance of phosphorus and calcium is needed for strong, healthy bones. As the amount of phosphorus you consume rises, so does your calcium requirement.

Other Nedeed In teetu to phosphorus, the body needs the mineral magnesium and vitamins D and K for calcium to be absorbed and used. Magnesium is found in spinach, okra, collard greens, artichokes, potatoes, tomato products ls raisins. Dark green, leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamin K. Not many foods naturally contain vitamin D, but milk is typically fortified with the vitamin. Annd 10 to 30 minutes of sun What element is needed for strong bones and teeth without sunscreen twice a week may be enough needrd your body to make sufficient vitamin D. Other Considerations for Bone Health The National Osteoporosis Foundation cautions that eating too many salty foods can cause your body to lose calcium, which may lead to bone loss.

Soaking them for several hours in water before cooking will reduce the phytate content. The foundation notes that some studies suggest colas, but not other soft drinks, are associated with bone loss, possibly due to the caffeine and phosphorus commonly found in colas. Caffeine appears to slightly decrease calcium absorption. Symptoms of potassium deficiency include muscle cramping and weakness. Other symptoms show up as constipation, bloating, or abdominal pain caused by paralysis of the intestines. Severe potassium deficiency can cause paralysis of the muscles or irregular heart rhythms that may lead to death.

Zinc is found in animal products like oysters, red meat, and poultry. Other good sources of zinc include: Decreased function of the immune system and slowed growth are other symptoms.

Which Two Minerals Make Bones Strong?

Severe deficiency can also cause diarrhea, loss of cor, and impotence. It can also prolong the process that your body takes to heals wounds. What causes sttrong deficiency? One major cause of mineral deficiency is simply not getting enough essential minerals from food or supplements. There are different types of diets that might result in this deficiency. A poor diet that relies on junk food, or a diet that lacks adequate fruits and vegetables can be possible causes. Alternately, a very low-calorie diet may produce this deficiency.

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