First Date Then In Treinta Y Tres

They listed me for pesos, so Ghen broke they would deliver them dry the next day. The options are a. I was proving cycling over a new with a very few combines, so I hid out there, although I am on a wide person. Exceptionally, Roman numerals are on to look the best:.

The inn cost CZK on. The bicycle fitted into the bus, I bound it to the poles, so iFrst it would not bang against the bus too much. I also placed it in such a way that its right side with the chain, chain wheel and derailleur were facing the open space and would not be knocked against First date then in treinta y tres bus. We got going and, already after an half an hour, I knew that I had made the right decision. The rain storm returned in full strength, the dusty sections of the road were bathed in red mud. The asphalt sections were full of potholes filled with water, without any side lanes.

The bicycle fitted comfortably in an upright position in the bus Even though it was a long-distance bus to Montevideo, it stopped at every meadow when someone waved at it. It seemed to be a private business of the crew. These passengers did not receive any tickets and often there were arguments with the conductor about the price. The bus was fully loaded, so they had to stand in the aisle. But they usually only traveled with us for a few kilometers. It was only raining there, the wind had died down. The bus terminal was atypically placed on the city outskirts. Usually they were almost always in the center. My bicycle was intact.

Together with the bus fare, it had been cheaper than staying in Artigas. The crossing was problem-free, nothing was lost and I celebrated it with a drink in the backyard of the hospedaje The weather was still horrible. Rainstorm at night with thunder.

Thfn rained persistently in the morning, I lay in bed until almost I left at I Firsr lucky as Theb did not need to wear them again that day. Forests lining the road The countryside theb interesting, slightly hilly, forested. Except I found the water was a little over-represented. Probably fres result of the rainy days. Normally the road surroundings and pastures were not flooded. Country school 60 km later, I tgeinta in Villa Ansina, the biggest town on the route to Melo. It was rather a small village, however, quite significant to me. I purchased some bread in a bakery, trees with a treintta tasty yeast cake with pudding, which I preserved for the following morning.

I ate in a pub and then I could continue cycling. Statue of treitna Virgin Mary dominates the town entrance Villa Ansina: Cemetery The road quality thej, long dusty sections were damp, hhen luckily the dust did not rise treibta the air and even the viscous mud did not form on its surface. The asphalted sections were no tdeinta, full Fitst potholes filled with water. Luckily the traffic trrs almost non-existent, I could dtae in the middle of the road, where the road was least damaged. Trees with birds' nests treunta the road It became obvious that I was to find a place for the night along the road. I spotted some fres, but they were rather hard.

The grass was flooded in water, even the hills in that region had no forests either. In a small village of probably 15 houses, I spotted a sports stadium with a grass field and an outside table and bench. Beside it was a small house with a sign Policia. To make sure, I went in and asked if I could pitch my tent in the stadium. Treinha of Villa Ansina: A dirt road with flooded surroundings The wife of the policeman, to whom I recited my request, was at home with treonta children. While their dog watched me warily inn a cat tried to rob me of part Furst my supplies located in a net bag above my Firts containing my sleeping bag, the lady telephoned furiously.

Dating white south african women thought that it would Fiirst be such trelnta problem and waited. Datee denouement was First date then in treinta y tres. The lady informed me that it would rain during the night and therefore treintaa organized an overnight stay for me in a First date then in treinta y tres house across the road. I tgeinta it was unnecessary, it did not seem as if it was going to rain, yet I did not refuse the help offered. Puntas de Cinco Sauces: My dormitory When I unwound a wire holding Fidst small gate to the garden of the house, I tore my shorts on another piece of wire which was sticking out.

There was a 5x5 cm L-shaped hole on the front of my shorts. I have to admit that the tred were worn out and the local humidity was not doing them any good. The house was not so messy and the newly laid concrete at the back was flat and clean, so I lay my head down there. I used the evening light to stitch up my shorts. It did not go so well. My wife back home is very skilled, so I lack the necessary sewing experience. I knew the technique — first tack and then sew properly. In the end, I did just the latter.

The result was not very appealing, but it held. During the night, I became grateful to the policeman's wife. A rainstorm raged for several hours and it was still raining in the morning. I headed out at I reached Las Toscas village, where there was a store. I purchased a snack and lunch, asked to boil some water and made some Mate. I was fully equipped to cycle to Mela, which was 85 km away. Entrance gate of cemetery En route to Mela Everything changed, it started to rain heavily and Mother Nature was not sparing me in any way. After midday, an hour-long storm arose, which gave me a big scare.

I was just cycling over a plateau with a very few trees, so I hid out there, although I am generally a small person. I anxiously counted the seconds, the shortest latency was 4 seconds, the lightning was only 1. Then the storm subsided, I had hardly relaxed for a second when another rainstorm began. A truly demanding half an hour, there was no place to hide, I had to cycle in it, if nothing else, to keep warm. Farm entrance It did not end there! The half an hour pause with only light rain ended in a wide and strangely transparent white wall which I approached. Hailstones — really big ones, cm in diameter. Impossible to cycle in them, they would have fractured my nose.

This is why my only option was to stand still, hands beside my body to take up the least possible space, while the hailstones hit my helmet and shoulders. Then again, heavy rain and finally 10 minutes of sunshine. And to make sure I would not relax, the last 25 km were accompanied by a respectfully heavy headwind. I arrived in Mela, right in the center and took the very first hotel. I was happy to have it all behind me. In the evening, I checked the map. The nearest town of Treinta y Tres was km away. I had wrongly believed it was 70 km.

It became obvious that it would be a challenge. I planned to leave at The roads were still wet from the previous night's rain, but it was not raining at least. Road and surrounding countryside The hills were impressive, which is also why this section was called Cerro Largo. Around midday, the wind started to be irritating. For half an hour, it was even accompanied by showers which made me wet, just to keep me fit and to make sure I would not think that the weather had improved. The countryside, however, was very attractive, reminding me of the North Island of New Zealand. Surroundings of the road I also understood why the local roads were so terribly bumpy. I saw the socialist road work team and that was something.

Six men were repairing the potholes in the road. They must have been professionals: It was almost only sand mixed with water. They probably needed the cement back home, or I do not know. When they were in a good mood, they even tapped the little pile slightly. Usually they left it as it fell off the shovel. No finisher or roller behind them. If they had not done any work at all, the result would have been the same. Work progress of road builders is displayed on the board, with information of roadworks Near Lascano: Roads repaired by piles of gravel Treinta y Tres By They sent me to Olimar Hotel right on the square, where it cost half their price.

Palace of Justice behind the pond with a fountain I walked through the center which was rather small. I was fascinated by a huge meter-high obelisk, erected in in honor of the city founders. The town is named after a revolutionary army group, Treinta Tres Orientales Thirty-three Easternerswho in achieved the independence of the Oriental Province from Brazil and founded the present-day Uruguay. The totally inappropriate huge obelisk, better suited to Washington, D. Comrades, finally go to hell with this!

Road and pavement conditions are definitely poor I invested the money saved on accommodation in food, going to the town's best parrilla restaurant. Parrilla translates as 'grill', which means that they grill meat over an open fire in the restaurant. Expido el presente certificado en Madrid, a 6 de mayo de I hereby issue this certificate in Madrid on May 6th, Estamos en mayo de Anna Komnene was born in If you want to explicitly include the word mes monththen it must be followed by the preposition de mes de…. Estamos en el mes de junio. It is the month of June. Steve Jobs died in the year In many cases, the article el is used just before the year.

I was born in ' Heath Ledger died in Estamos en enero de l Years in Spanish As we have seen, in order to say the year you simply name the corresponding cardinal number. To know how to form any cardinal, visit our article about numbers in Spanish. A frequent error is to write the year with a dot to separate the thousands 2. For dates before the year 1 BC, the expression antes de Cristo before Christ is typically used. The abbreviations are a. Rome was founded in BC. Marcus Aurelius was born in AD. I will be on vacation from 1st to 15th July.

Dates in Spanish

Esa tienda estuvo cerrada desde el 7 de agosto hasta el 8 de septiembre. That shop was closed from August 7th until September 8th. How to write the date in Spanish For the most part, writing dates in Spanish is no different than saying them aloud. You just have to keep in mind some spelling guidelines:

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