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Mijn liefde voor characteristics en repetitieve muziek komt daaruit voort. Als je dat koppelt aan de afkeer, zeg maar minachting Fuck me tonight in ascension de muziekmedia heeft voor tonigut donkere muziekis het geen verrassing dat we in de schaduw leven. Vanaf de eerste high Ten Struggles To Need is het duidelijk dat je niet te hoog oploopt met de mensheid. Her case moved with him, then against him. His back output as he wet. He completed a washcloth from somewhere and as he had always done, completed it between her levels. De mensheid is al rim verschillende voorvallen met uitsterven bedreigd en ik vraag me af wat er uiteindelijk van zal overblijven, wat herinnerd zal worden, en wat men eruit zal leren.

Finally I think the biggest inspiration though was the 10 years or so doing Knifeladder. I was suddenly interested in writing more structured songs again, after so many years of more abstract and challenging material. Is there any reason why the album is called Post Future Recordings? I am fascinated by different concepts of time, alternate universes, alternative histories. I also like the idea of something like an artifact. How many times have whole concepts of history become undone or revisioned by the discovery of a single object or a new technique for analysis? Humankind has been through several near extinction events and I wonder what will be left, what will be remembered, and what will be relearnt.

I mean, the other musical projects you were involved in were something totally different and more experimental? It depends how far back we go. Many of my projects in Australia were more song based electronics. Ministry of Love in Australia, and Knifeladder here were really in fact the only things I have done which I consider experimental. In reality I think it is better to deliver harsh truths in a digestable format, and we like tunes! No shame in that. Hunter and I still have the project Antivalium Fuck girls in zurich when we want to get our noise on!

The short-sightedness, the sleepwalking distraction in which we choose to live. Strangely enough, the anger and despair stems from the fact that everyone is Fuck me tonight in ascension that there is no other way to live. I think I agree with you there. There seems to be an innate cycle of destruction in the human race like. Well, we are not invisible, but there is no real dialogue between underground and mainstream music any more. Maybe I don't understand the rules, but it seems things come from absolutely nowhere, to be massively hip and popular, to being invisible again in a very short space of time. Coupled with that the uniform disgust and contempt that the music media has for anything remotely 'dark', and it is no surprise we live in the shadows.

Luckily we have allies like Andrew King, Naevus, etc. Ah well, we are still booking for next year, but a few festivals for sure. The first priority though is to get the new album completed. We don't want the same amount of time to elapse as did between Ashes and Post Future Recordings. Horse Rotorvator by Coil. It is an amazing combination of experimental, orchestral and occult references. I have probably bought it 5 times in different formats. It can be listened to as surface music, but becomes more bizarre and interesting the more attention you give it.

This question is surely sexual in nature??? My partner may kill me! Seriously though, my good recently deceased friend John Murphy. He could tell me all his great and hysterically funny stories just one more time. That may take longer than 8 hours though. The last words are yours. These are dark times, but weren't they always? Love is a beautiful thing ,and stronger than steel. Indien je denkt dat men vandaag geen synthpop-wave klassiekers meer maakt, dan heb je zeker het project van Andrew Trail nog niet gecheckt. Ik weet wel dat het de taak is van de recensent, maar ik beschouw mezelf als een muziekfan, daarom vraag ik om zelf je muziek te beschrijven!

Black Light Ascension is het geluid van machines die nostalgische odes schrijven voor een reeds lang uitgestorven ras. Het zijn vervagende digitale herinneringen aan orkesten die nooit hebben bestaan en wat door een menselijke stem wordt verteld. Het zijn de messen uit een slachthuis, het is het pompend hart van seks, de zwakke handen en de stemmen van wanhopige mensen die met hun vlees, bloed en pezen de tandwielen willen stoppen van de systemen die alle dromen verpletteren. Ik hoop dat deze uitleg je voorthelpt! Ik ben niet zeker dat ik begrijp wat je bedoeling is, maar voor mij klinkt Black Light Ascension bijna als een eerbetoon aan de new wave uit de jaren 80, ook al heb je een eigentijds geluid.

Men heeft pogingen gedaan om dat minimale electrogeluid uit de jaren 80 na te bootsen. Ik heb het gevoel dat dat een misstap is. Ik weet dat Hunter geregeld softsynths gebruikt, terwijl ik toch de voorkeur geef aan hardware om de nummers te maken. Al de nummers op de cd klinken als oude vrienden, van die waveklassiekers zoals van Fad Gadget. Waren zij een inspiratie of niet? Mijn liefde voor drones en repetitieve muziek komt daaruit voort. De grootste inspiratiebron blijft toch 10 jaar Knifeladder. Ik ben gefascineerd door de verschillende concepten van tijd, de talrijke universums en de verschillende alternatieve geschiedenissen.

Het idee van een artefact spreekt me aan. Hoe vaak is het al niet gebeurd dat hele concepten van de geschiedenis ongedaan zijn gemaakt of herbekeken worden door de ontdekking van een nieuw gevonden object of een nieuwe analysetechniek? He realized she wanted to be in his mind while they did this.

Gonight definitely had enough power and he was going to let her do it. In a moment of awcension ecstasy, as he began to come, he let his shields fall and her sudden presence in his mind brought him and brought him and brought him, pleasure shooting from his balls, up his cock, out and into the well of her body, over and over. Her mind rolling through his, teasing, stroking, feeling him up. He felt her core tugging at him. His back arched as he pumped. Holy shit, he was going to come again. She slung her arms around his neck and pulled him against her so that they moved as one, in great hard waves, pleasure spiking over and over until at last he was spent. He heard her deep gasps as she tried to catch her breath.

Her body slowed down. She kissed his neck, small little wet punches. His heart hammered away at the inside of his chest. He was covered in sweat. She licked his neck. But, oh, that ride! And what had prompted her to touch his face again, to climb inside his mind once more?

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It had never been like that before. But then she had never been truthful with him. If honesty resulted in this kind of orgasm, she planned on ascrnsion completely straightforward with him from this second on. He eased off asfension and out of her. He unfolded a washcloth from somewhere and as he had always done, tucked it between her legs. Her heart hurt looking at him, at the way his streaked, brownish-blond hair fell Fuck me tonight in ascension and hid part of his face. She would have m him for the attention but suddenly she was feeling way too much. He leaned his head back against the velvet of the booth and sighed. He looked as though he had moved about a thousand miles away from her.

His eyes opened and he looked up at the ceiling. Her heart had settled down but yes, it ached, very low as though she had rocks caught in the bottom, weighing it down. Did she want something changed, to be different, with him? She stared up at the ceiling, at the various pipes and large ventilation tubes crossing each other. A different kind of dizziness returned, the one that meant a vision was coming. This time she saw a beautiful woman with enormous black hair. She pulled at a long feather dangling from her right ear and read from a large book that she held in her hands. Elise closed her eyes and shut the vision down. She belonged in this new world. She took one backward look. With her internal eye, she saw herself locking up the optometry building, getting into her car, and calling Gideon.

Mentally, she simply slammed the door to the past shut. There was no going back. Not now, not ever. She opened her eyes and sat up, shifting her legs over the side of the red leather seat. He must have seen the movement because he shifted to look at her as well.

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