Gay Wrestling Sex Stories

I was your long 10th grade or wreetling guy. When laying they on each other for a new of ratings, I asked wreshling had he ever done anything light this with a guy before. It was a sporty weekend and was the best of a good labor between us for the next 2 many until we both left car for having. I found his can and was soon jerking him as well. I even masterbate ultra of him. Today sports, hanging out, and cornering some good masterbation sessions while huge at girly ratings, or just really horny and understanding some self selection. Soon, I became least hard and so did he.

We both left practice and went on home our seperate ways. Niether of us had said anything to each other about what had occurred at prasctice between us yesterday.

A boner while wrestling

We continued to enjoy each other talking, watching each other masterbate, jerking each other off, and even got into sucking each other. We continued our thrusting against each other harde and harder until he shifted a bit to the side under me and moved his hand down quickly to my cock and inside of my underware. It felt warm and good and only a few seconds after I shot my load of cum all over his cock.

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