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Europe or Russia? A Roma Story in Graseni

It is a sign of social distinction to invest the money in real estate instead of business-related activities but it often attracts slander by the non-Roma population, which thinks the money is coming from criminal activities. The community is, however, very diverse and is spread Married but looking in calarasi the country: Despite many Roma considering themselves primarly Moldovan citizens and mostly speaking Romanian as their first language, non-Roma Moldovans carry prejudice towards the community and this is the cause of widespread social inequality and human rights abuses 1. Moreover, the Roma community in the whole region suffers much higher rates of unemployment and illiteracy compared to the non-Roma Moldovan residents.

The price of cigarettes will increase. Graseni is a small village in the Ungheni district, not far from Pirlita. It is divided in two by a road that once used to be an ethnic boundary between Moldovans and Roma. Many families are now mixed but the settlement east of the road is still traditionally inhabited by Roma families and is called Faraonka. Part of the Dragan family lives here. Vladimir Dragan, the patriarch, was born in nearby Bumbata in and, after getting married, he moved to Faraonka in where he worked in the local kolkhoz Lenin.

He has had numerous children, fourteen, of which vut are still alive. His memory is fading and he struggles to talk in Romani since Marrifd of the conversation in his family is carried on in Romanian, but this is nevertheless bkt source of amusement amongst his relatives. Most siblings live in Faraonka where job Mzrried are few, mostly in the agricultural sector Married but looking in calarasi men often travel to Russia to work as seasonal workers. Buf have both had a stint abroad as calarawi in construction sites. Liliana is a strong and muscular woman: She has four kids and, being unemployed, gets a small amount of money as a form of social security from the local authorities but she complains that the amount given to kn Roma family is often half of the one provided to Moldovan families.

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