My Brother Is Dating My Ex Wife

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We then agreed to start dating -- a distanced relationship. We then decided to inform my younger brother. She first wrote to him, but he didn't reply. I then called him and spoke with him on the phone. He got angry and said he can't give us his consent and his blessings. He called my parents and told them we shall be enemies for life if I proceed to date this lady and eventually marry her. My family says they can only approve of the relationship if my younger brother gives his consent because they don't want any situation that will tear us apart.

I actually love my younger brother, and I never thought he was going to be resentful and bitter. I actually love this lady too, and I don't want to hurt her by dropping the relationship. I travelled home, and I have met her on several occasions. How would you advise me to bring my younger brother to a place of peace and rest so that he can accept this relationship My brother is dating my ex wife as a threat but as a blessing? How can I make him see himself as a channel to my happiness? Both of them never had sexual intercourse. No oral sex was involved. They never saw their nakedness. But the lady told me they occasionally kissed and caressed themselves.

Thanks for your advice, sir. It seems everyone is trying to control everyone else's life. Your brother doesn't want you to date the girl he rejected. He sees it as a statement that he made a mistake in turning her down. Thus, he says he will not consent or bless your marriage. Oddly, neither his consent or blessing is required for you to marry the woman of your choice. Your brother doesn't have that control over your life, so why act as if he does? Sure, it would be nice if he wished you joy in your marriage, but the only blessing required in a marriage is the blessing of God. You want to make your brother accept your decision. I don't know why they broke up, though it sounds like it mostly was due to your brother finding someone he liked better who was close to where he currently lives.

Regardless, you can't force an unreasonable person to be reasonable. You can be polite, kind, and gentle to him, but you can't make him behave that way in return. Your parents want peace between their sons. They also state they won't consent to your marriage as a way to force you and your brother to settle your disagreement. It won't work since the problem is on your brother's side and they have no leverage over him. But like your brother, they don't have control over who you choose to marry. They can advise, but I take it that there is nothing wrong with your choice. She is a perfectly acceptable woman. We'd invested so much time, money and energy in preparing for the day that, when it was over, a sense of anticlimax kicked in.

Perhaps we'd avoided looking too closely at the state of our relationship, because when there was no wedding to plan, things quickly deteriorated. We stopped raving about how good a day it had been, physical contact ground to a halt and we spent a lot of time with my brother. Anyone with an ounce of insight would have seen the sexual spark between them. They laughed lots, they touched lots and they stayed up late talking lots. When you come downstairs for a drink at 5am and see your wife on the living room floor being spooned by your brother, you really ought to have an inkling that all is not well. It's an eloquent demonstration of our capacity for self-delusion that I chose to view their behaviour as platonic.

At that stage it was too terrifying to confront the truth - not of their relationship, but of the possibility of my marriage breaking My brother is dating my ex wife. Ultimately, it was that pain that hurt the most. Within a year of our split they were living together and I was living alone, drowning in an excess of red wine and self-pity. I'd like to think I'm not especially self-indulgent, so I hate the fact that I became mired in my own unhappiness. Saturday nights were often when the sense of loss intensified - which was partly natural and largely self-induced.

More than once, alone in my flat, a couple of bottles of wine to the good, I called my wife and brother and left foul-mouthed rants on their answer machine. As a child, a strategy I had for coping with what I perceived to be other people's hurtful behaviour was to go upstairs and systematically destroy my own possessions, starting with the posters on my wall, moving on to my pile of comics and finally my collection of colouring books. When I made those obscene phone calls, the person I hurt most was myself. People queued up to tell me my behaviour was understandable and quite restrained given the circumstances, but that didn't alter the fact that it made me feel worse.

I wanted to conduct myself with dignity and inhabit the moral high ground, so when I made aggressive calls, sent abusive text messages or smashed up the watch my wife had bought me, I felt my dignity unravelling and the ground slipping.

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