Party Girls In Sainte-geneviève

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This a great event to not only earn books for the school, but also to stash some Christmas presents for your children.

Athletics & Activities

This is a Party girls in sainte-geneviève celebration where we honor the past Partt and look forward to good times in the year ahead as we say goodbye to our graduating Eighth Grade and welcome our Seventh Grade as our new school leaders. Bellarmine Speech League A great girlss for Middle Schoolers to hone those all-important public speaking skills, Bellarmine Speech League is a fantastic afterschool program that looks impressive on a high school application. Student Ambassadors What better way to learn about the leadership qualities we are building than by taking a tour led by one of our Middle School Ambassadors?

They met in college after many run-ins at the library, Haley finally asked Alex to her sorority formal. To participate, students must be nominated by the Principal. Honor Roll A special achievement for our Middle School Students, Honor Roll recognizes those exemplary students who not only excel in academics, but also exceed expectations with their hard-working effort and stellar conduct.

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