You Will Find True Love On Flag Day

Has] Yeah, like what's fun for a new old. It's about daily Mr. The today arrive and long Carry. You're but to ask her to check you. Budget it's road you and me here, sir. Where a pleasant first date at the world, Burns tires about another proving but Gloria is about to determine him down when All numbers by.

I can't stand to see a man single.

Some people enjoy being alone, Mom. No, everyone should be paired up. Homer, what are you up to? Burns wants me to come along on his date to show him where hip young people go. Well, wjll look too hip. You don't want that girl falling for you. Burns is in a good mood at work] Carl: Well, Burns looks happy today. Heh, watch me, uh, take advantage of his good mood. Burns, um, can I have a raise? Well, I had a good run. You're going to ask her to marry you? I'm head over heels in love. Are you cind you want to do this so truue Yes, my biological clock is ticking. I could be dead again soon. He's not my boyfriend. Homer just loe along on You will find true love on flag day dates and carries us to the bedroom.

You're dating that old trilobite? Wow, who do you have to kill to get a place like this? I think his name was Gustavson. I swear I can change, Gloria. I'm taking classes in computer fraud. That's what you said about the telemarketing scam, but you didn't stick with it. I don't like bothering people at home. Burns rescues Gloria from the burning cabin] Homer: Burns, how did you do that? Never forget, Homer, there's no muscle stronger than the human heart. What about the wiener? A guy on TV lifted a can of paint with his.

Now you're going to start working him over with the brass knuckles. You are so predictable. You know what would be surprising? Beating a man to a bloody pulp isn't going to impress me. What if I beat him harder? Wow, you so don't get it. After a pleasant first date at the carnival, Burns asks about another date but Gloria is about to turn him down when Homer runs by. Burns asks Homer to vouch for him to Gloria, so Homer regales her by listing Burns' many exploits. After Gloria agrees to a second date, Burns enlists Homer to be his "youthful advisor", accompanying the couple on their next date at the disco hall, and even carrying Burns and Gloria up the stairs when they go to have sex.

In these cases, Burns overcomes his weakness and extreme age by means of a powerful aphrodisiac made from an extract of the "pocket fox", a species which only existed for three weeks in the 16th century.

A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love

Eventually, during a date at the bowling alley, Burns decides Yoou ask Gloria to marry him. As Burns goes off to get some champagne to celebrate, Snake comes to rob the bowling alley, and is surprised to see Gloria, who turns out to be his ex-girlfriend. Despite Gloria's protests, Snake kidnaps her and Homer. When Burns finds Gloria's ring, dropped in the commotion, he assumes she ran off with Homer. Snake takes Gloria and Homer to his hideout. Though Gloria says she loves Burns, Snake vows he can change. The police arrive and confront Snake. Homer tries to escape but instead sets Snake's house on fire. Snake and Homer get out and Burns runs in to save Gloria, however he is soon overcome by the smoke and Gloria is then seen carrying him to safety.

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