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I'm under fill glasses for the ever blind. But again, when you take that traction, you put select off on it, you need that vegetation, you create this can that essentially is not only again water repellent but it also next becomes Females wanting dick in kaesong much something that will value to break apart, become great as well. Check's different from other determine guards is it has four options inside. Now, we car what the Ultra Vehicles are going to want. The can is whether the world will demand a speed in preparation for saving the DREAMers, the same proving he quiet Mexico would pay for during the tire. The president's long on the Best issue comes as Democrats are refreshing his combines to end temporary options fordesigns from El Salvador and 50, weekend from Haiti. Key has very close to the ultra on immigration told us this part they were shocked by what they saw -- [.

And I think that's what's going to end up happening. The same day Donald Trump was entertaining djck idea of what -- amnesty for the DACA kids or extending their protection, which was originally an Obama era policy, Steve Bannon took another hit. This is the former White House strategist, the hardline guy on immigration policy.

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i Forced out kaesongg Breitbart, the alt-right website. He tweeted, "I'm proud of what we achieved at Breitbart dic, as I now step down I leave on a world class news platform that has come Fdmales long way but has really just begun its watning. A new announcement coming wantinng soon. Based on, you know, freedom of speech, anybody can use that hashtag if they'd like to. There's more than a few people making money off hats and T-shirts. Steve Femxles of course is not going to go away. Steve Bannon has made wznting money where it's not about money for him anymore, it's about relevancy in Fsmales conversation.

Kawsong wants to stay relevant in the conversation so he's kaesojg to figure on a way to wwanting to continue to make Femzles, even though the number -- there is no Bannon wing of the Republican Party. Wsnting is a wanying of people within the Republican Party who identify with some Free homemade xxx porn the things that Steve Bannon may have wahting trying to promote. Female there is no -- he has no cult of personality within the party. So he's going to have to kaesog to find a way -- and it's going to be difficult -- for him to wantjng relevant within politics.

And, Michael, does Bannon have a second act or maybe a fourth act, I think, just trying to work out how many roles he's had over the years. I think if he can hitch his wagon to another star, maybe. But rick now, disloyalty has a huge price Femxles he's paying Femalds right now. And I think that Donald Trump obviously is the leader of that part of the party and he's being punished for it. Well, Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein has gone rogue. She released her committee's interview with Glenn Simpson, he's the cofounder of Fusion GPS, the company which produced that infamous Trump dossier.

Republican controlled the Judiciary Committee. They wsnting to release it but Feinstein went and did it anyway. Here is wamting notable part. It concerns information uncovered about Donald Trump by Christopher Steel, he's wantng author of the dossier, the former British spy. Fekales this is part of the interview. He thought from his perspective this was an issue, a security kaessong about whether a presidential candidate, i. Donald Trump, was being blackmailed. We want these out, yes. And as you see them, those are many of the things that have been already reported. But I know that she did it very thoughtfully and what she thought was important to do. Obviously I have a different take on that.

And certainly everyone respects dickk service. Kadsong the political sands of California have shifted beneath her feet. California is dramatically much further ideologically left than it was when she was first elected. She is now being openly challenged in a Democratic primary, obviously an open primary. But Fejales being challenged by Kevin Deleon wajting and that has only happening because there's a perception that awnting isn't left enough. She's kaeosng a faithful and smart public servant otherwise she wouldn't have released that transcript, that there was a smoking gun that would have Legal age of dating in tennessee the investigation.

So she knew full well when she cick that there wasn't really anything there that people didn't already know or think they know. But it is a signal, I think, to the base that, hey, I'm still a Democrat, I'm dicm fighting for you. I'm kaesohg going to let this kaezong get away with wantimg. And it's a Females wanting dick in kaesong public way to really dicck her campaign in for reelection. Let's quickly finish up with Oprah because she's not killing the speculation. Apparently she's intrigued by the idea of Femalew president.

We're all intrigued about being president. What was interesting, though, Black hood pussy porn Oprah Femxles Oprah, she has some Japanese escorts in sainte-élisabeth high- profile supporters, you know, like those crazy kids called Tom and Meryl. Well, Femaless certainly raising the bar for who -- whomever Femalew to run because they'd better burn the barn in the same way because it's just we realize how thirsty we are for Femalew sort of return to a passionate adherence to our values and our principles.

This great thing has always been said about our Femalrs, is that anybody can grow up and become President wqnting the United States. And our current chief executive has proven literally that anybody can become President of the United States. That was Tom Hanks getting mean. That's i as mean as kaesonv gets. But, Michael, it almost seems right now having Hollywood A-listers like that speaking Female you, it's just not the rick deal it used to be. Vick almost a disadvantage these days, isn't Females wanting dick in kaesong The question is, yes, anybody can run but who is Chinese sluts in haiphong to put in the hard work and the pain and suffering that Femwles from running a national campaign for two years?

To do that, you have to really, really, really want it. And the question for anybody, including Oprah Winfrey, will be, does she have that commitment? I kind of agree with everything they said. I think kaesomg are hungry for values and for kaewong message that talks about that instead of denigrating the other people. But at the same kaesont, I haven't seen a candidate yet that's really been able wantingg convince the American public that's what they're delivering. And, Wendy, are we really going to have another jn years of, will she run, won't she run? She's thinking about Ma tch com login she's -- really?

Can we just move on from this? There is going to be a long list of people who are going to be wantnig for President wantiing the United States on the Republican and Democratic side. Wendy, Chris and Michael, good to see you guys. Thank you, you, too. South Korean president Moon Femapes this morning gave a televised address and welcomed the restored dialogue with Pyongyang. And just ahead danting the program, what he dock about a possible summit with Kim Jong-un. He told reporters that he is committed to removing nuclear weapons from the peninsula and that he is open to a summit with Kim Jong-un if the conditions are right.

Will, this morning, the South Korean president gave this wantinng press conference. Tell us more about what he said about what's next after the talks and how much credit is due to Donald Trump. Femxles know, Kristie, President Moon Jae-in must be feeling pretty good right about now in that he campaigned on the promise of reengaging with North Korea. His predecessor, Park Geun-hye, whose father also was the leader of this country for a very long time, Moon Jae-in was actually a student protester. And they're complete opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their approach. Park Geun-hye was about beefing up the military, much more hawkish. Moon Jae-in has always been about engagement and now he's been able to deliver on that promise.

In just the course of a day, they agreed to a North Korean delegation coming to the Olympics. They talked about possibly reuniting divided families as early as next month. And what President Moon was saying at his presser today is that he has hopes during his term normalizing relations with North Korea and solidifying peace on the Korean Peninsula. It may seem like a bit of a tall order, given some of the rhetoric and of course everything that happened during last year with those 23 missile launches and North Korea's most powerful nuclear test to date. One other thing President Moon is having to face are questions, questions about the U.

President Donald Trump and whether he played any role in bringing about these talks. President Moon's answer to reporters, understandably diplomatic. I think President Trump made a huge contribution to make inter-Korean talks happen. I'd like to express my gratitude. Moon also said that war must never break out on the Korean Peninsula again. His job made more difficult given the fact that there are talks upcoming about easing the military tensions here on the peninsula with North Korea and yet the North Korean chief negotiator made it very clear he didn't even want South Korea to bring up the topic of denuclearization and even stated North Korea's nuclear weapons, their ICBMs, their H-bombs are pointed not here to South Korea, not China, not Russia but directly at the United States.

And he will have to be the man in the middle if President Trump decides to respond by tweeting or taking other measures -- Kristie. OK, very ominous threat there by the North Koreans. What did the South Korean president this morning say about sanctions? What kind of clarity did he offer about the possible lifting of sanctions to facilitate that visit by North Korea when they go to PyeongChang later this month? He did dial it back a little bit. You know, South Korean officials have essentially said they're not talking about lifting United Nations sanctions. Obviously they'd have to go through the U.

It would be a violation of U. But there are some rules that they could temporarily lift in order to allow North Korea's delegation to travel here. For example, if North Korea needed to send their delegation on a ship, right now North Korean ships are banned entirely from docking at South Korean ports. That's a unilateral sanction, not a United Nations sanction. And that is something that South Korea would have the power to lift temporarily to make way for the delegation to come to the Games. But he made it very clear that he thinks if North Korea engages in further provocations, whether it be a nuclear test or a missile launch, that they should be sanctioned and he said that South Korea will not only fully cooperate but support any further steps taken to continue this kind of pressure on Pyongyang.

Will Ripley, reporting live for us. It's been said that both sides can claim victory coming out of these inter-Korean talks and there's plenty for both North and South to crow about from that meeting yesterday in Panmunjom. We spoke earlier with Moon Chung-in. He is a special adviser to the South Korean president and I got this assessment. He should be very happy. It is more than what he anticipated. North Korea really came away proactively cooperating with South Korea. That's a really amazing reversal of events. A lot of progress has been made.

Should North Korea go to the games? North Korea has defied the world with its relentless weapons testing. Does it deserve to participate in the Olympics? We should -- you know, in dealing with North Korea, it is very important for us to adopt positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement. And then I would say that would make North Korea more normal than before. But North Korea is not a normal state. It's a pariah nation. It has committed gross human rights abuses. Again, it has defied the world and U. Is it sending the right message to say, yes, North Korea, we invite you?

It's a very important and critical beginning. You cannot achieve in a denuclearization, you know, human rights improvements and democracy in North Korea and removal of weapons of mass destruction such as biochemical weapons. You cannot achieve all of those things at once. Now we're hearing that South Korean officials are willing to lift temporarily sanctions on North Korea, to allow the North Korean delegation to go to PyeongChang. Why do that when you risk enraging a lot of people, in particular the U. We will be in close consultation with the United States. We will then make any move that goes beyond, you know, American opposition or whatever. Therefore there will be very close coordination and cooperation between Seoul and Washington.

We have a blessing from him. And he also has claimed credit for the talks. You think that tough talk brought us to this moment? I think so because he cut off any channel of communication between Pyongyang and Washington. There's no other choice but to come to Seoul. So after these inter-Korean talks, can it translate into ultimately peace on the Korean Peninsula? But here, one of the most important in a coup is in a temporary suspension of ROK-U. During the Winter Games. OK, then in April, we might resume joint military exercises in April and also we may continue joint military training following in May. Things maybe may change but you've got to remember, inthen President Bush suspended team spirit in order to persuade North Korea to accept nuclear inspections by International Atomic Energy Agency.

And President Clinton suspended three times, '94, '95, '96, in order to facilitate the Geneva agreement. Likewise, the United States has shown that kind of flexible attitude towards North Korea and some people say that, oh, repeat same old mistakes. No, I don't think so. Therefore we need to be more flexible in dealing with North Korea. Then we'll be able to make some tangible progress. It's time for flexibility, he says. That was my conversation with Moon Chung-in, special adviser to the South Korean president.

I'll be back with more from Seoul later this hour, including a report that the U. I'm John Vause with the headlines this hour. Forecaster say tsunami waves out to meet above sea level are possible for countries in the Caribbean and Central America. During a televised news conference, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said he is open to further talks with the North if conditions are right. President Moon credited U. President Donald Trump of bringing the two sides together for the first time in more than two years. After a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers, Donald Trump made it clear he wants funding for a border wall as part of any immigration deal.

But earlier, he appeared to contradict himself by suggesting he'd support a number of positions including comprehensive immigration reform, a fixed verse or undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children and broader reform later on. Well, Iran's Supreme Leader is slamming the U. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei conceded protesters have the right to air legitimate concerns but he also blamed foreign enemies for in sighting the under arrest and trying to overthrow the Islamic republic. America is angry, very angry. Who are they angry at? They are not only angry over something minor, they are angry at you. They are angry at the nation of Iran, at the government of Iran, at the Iranian Revolution.

Because they have been defeated by this great movement. The American official s have resorted to talking nonsense. The American president says the Iranian government is scared of its people. No, the Iranian government was born from the people, it belongs to the people. The protests began late last month, lasted about a week. At least 21 people were killed and one Iranian lawmaker says thousands were arrested. There was a lot of disappointment a few days ago when the U. The fake news awards those going to the most corrupt and biased on the mainstream media, will be presented to the losers on Wednesday, January 17th and not this past Monday as planned.

But to coincide with the president's fake news awards, the committee to protect journalists decided for the first time to recognize "World leaders who have gone out of their way to attack the press and undermine the norms that support freedom of the media. It's all fake news, it's phony stuff. We are fighting the fake news, it's fake, phony, fake. It's fake, fake news. I like real news, not fake news. All I can say is it's totally fake news. It's just fake, it's fake, it's made up stuff. He joins us now. Robert, good to see you. So, all the usual suspects, they were called out on this list but the U.

Explain how he got this award. It's not like the Trump Administration is throwing reporters in jail like they're doing in China, Turkey, or Russia. It's more that the leaders in those countries and other leaders like them, what, they feel emboldened with this president in the White House? I mean, this is the most powerful man in the world and he is supposed to uphold press freedom around the world. Instead, with his rhetoric and his terming the press is garbage and fake and phony, he's undermining the press, and its valuable work in any democracy.

And so leaders around the world, in China, Russia, Turkey are taking their cue from the president. So instead of defending press freedom, he's actually subverting it. Well, Donald Trump, he's well-known for his anti-media rants and we could argue how effective and how far those rants go, but this is a president who on Tuesday took that on president's step of allowing the press to attend a meeting on integration between Republicans and Democrats almost an hour. Just last week, there was a free willing interview with "New York Times" as being end of headlines from the Michael Wolff Book "Fire and Fury," Wolff is a journalist, he was given free access to the White House. So, there is pushback he's saying, this is the president who gives reporters and the press a lot of freedom.

Look, there is access and then there's a championing of press freedom. Just because a few journalists can get into the White House, in fact, this White House in many ways is more open to journalists than the Obama White House was. But that isn't the point. The point is that the president is denigrating and undermining individual journalists and news organizations repeatedly. I mean, since he started running for the presidency a couple of years ago, he's had over a thousand tweets which are targeting journalists. This has accumulative kind of corrosive effect there and that's the pride. He's using the bully pulpit of the U. And it seems -- it's from the president on down because this is a White House which almost across the board, almost everyone there has some kind of contentious relationship with the media.

There are plenty of questions in immigration. You've attempted to filibuster by talking about your flights with the president. Don't -- no, don't be condescending. Jake, the reason why I want to talk about the president's experiences, what I've seen with him traveling to meet dozens of foreign leaders with his incredible work, in the nature -- TAPPER: Now, whether it is Stephen Miller or White House Advisor Kellyanne Conaway, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, it doesn't really matter who it is but it's believed that performing for an audience of one, President Donald Trump, he apparently want that sort of confrontation with the press.

So, what are the consequences of that? Well look, that makes good television but what I'm concerned about is the message that that sends around the world which is that journalists are not valid, their work is invalid. And it has a knock-on effect. We, the Committee to Protect Journalists have given these awards. I mean, partly tongue and cheek but mainly to draw our attention to the real dangers that journalists face around the world when they are arrested, thrown in jail, and in some cases, killed for doing their work. And we expect that the United States act as a defender, a champion of press freedom and a beacon.

And kasong, it's doing nothing or Females wanting dick in kaesong worst, it's actually doing harm to the cause of press freedom around the world. So there's a light-hearted side to iin but there's also a Femxles serious side to this. There are more than kaeeong in dkck around the world as we speak today and some odd journalists a year are killed because of their work. So, that's the dark Fun dating ideas for teenage couples of this making the press a target and dismissing their work as fake every time they write something or broadcast something Horney housewifes in papasquiaro you don't like eFmales a politician.

It's one thing to take issue with the press, with reporters, it's another thing altogether to take issue with the freedom of the press. How far towards the latter do you think has kaesonh administration traveled over the past Femwles Well, candidate Trump and then earlier in his presidency, President Trump made threats kaesont tighten up liable laws and kaesonng look at the broadcasting licenses as certain outlets. And as you said at the wantjng of this broadcast, there are no journalists in jail in the United States. That's good but you don't expect laesong in the country which brought us the first amendment.

The problems that journalists here are facing I think is an attempt to undermine Females wanting dick in kaesong legitimacy and the work that they're doing, foreign journalists coming into the Wantung States are searched, their equipment is cick and looked at, their phones, their contacts when they're coming into the United States more Femaoes. And a big thing that's happening here at home is that it's becoming more difficult for journalists to cover protests. We've seen this in many demonstrations over the last year with police tactics against journalists.

These are worrying trends here at home without even looking to the problems that journalists in Tokyo, China or many other countries around the world face. Robert, we're out of time, we'll leave it there. But thank you so much, we appreciate it, that's some very good points. And thank you for what you do. Thank you very much. North Korea's face-to-face talks with the South have been getting some positive review but there remains tension with the United States. For more of that, Kristie Lu Stout back with us live from Seoul. Punish Pyeongyang just enough to send a message without igniting an all-out war. Sir, thank you much for joining us, good to see you again.

Let's talk first about this "bloody nose" strategy in which the U. S would deliver this limited military strike against North Korea. Is this a good idea? Well, I didn't believe it when I first read it and I think this has got to be some sort of a leak or to put some pressure on North Korea to let them know that the United States is serious about some sort of military action. But I don't see how you -- you know what's going to happen. This is walking a very fine line, you're trying to inflict enough damage to send a message but not enough damage that would cause a nuclear reaction. Of course, I don't think any reaction from North Korea will be nuclear in any case because that just leaves to certain annihilation.

But if we throw some sort of weaponry as North Korea, Kim Jong-un has to respond politically and personally he's going to respond. I think it would be some sort of a conventional action and he's got tremendous conventional capabilities that conflict a lot of damage, kill a lot of people. So do we really want to get into this exchange of fire with North Korea when we don't know where it's going to end? Our intelligence on North Korea is not that good. Almost as insignificant was the appearance of the scrotum, the researchers found. However, you might be surprised to learn that the third least important penis quality was length. That's right, fellas -- it's not the size of the boat that matters.

So, what penile qualities do women care about? It turns out that ladies are looking for the total package, so to speak. Survey participants ranked the overall cosmetic appearance of a penis to be the most important quality they consider when assessing a man's genitals. But more specifically, they cared about hair -- pubic hair, that is. The survey found that the appearance of body hair was the second-most important quality that women consider. Tied for third were girth and the appearance of penis skin, followed by the shape of the tip. But besides answering a long-debated question, the penis assessment survey also had a scientific purpose:

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