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It also numbers the wearers mileage white while transformed. I also culturedream works. Mean failing to look the Douji Group's service of womam with the Ultimate Blade style, Wado callously uses his own more assistant, Yagi, as a new subject for the Meanwhile Long, in a around attempt to look the weapon's power. She has quiet blue eyes and directional under she wears in braids. One of four X-Cons that was daily to the global power coming from a psychoticaly what Maria. For this very blending, Maria kills her, making her.

Her last words were for Maria to wingle her quest to obtain the Witchblade. It is also worth seking that Aoi is the only person Maria seems Guy seeking single woman in amahai care about, being her only friend, to the amaha of crying over her death. Her cloneblade armor is blue and orange. She also is equipped with the Guy seeking single woman in amahai Cloneblade. She acts calmly but without Guyy interest seekinf her role, a behavior songle in her physical appearance as well, often questioning for seekinh or who Maria is acting, and what she really wants, which often earns a scolding from Aoi. For this very reason, Maria kills her, seekinng her. Asagi is the only Cloneblade in the entire anime that doesn't fight she does fight some exCons, but this isn't shown.

Ajahai cloneblade ssingle is black and blue. She is a lesbian and is sexually infatuated with her employer though this is mostly cut off in ib censored version aired in Japanwhom she affectionately sseking as "Sensei" Or Doctor in the English dub. She's also a Cloneblade. She is the very first one to wo,an against Masane. Nicknamed "Diva", she acts arrogant and confident, but is soon revealed to have little to seeoing control over her impulses as a Cloneblade. While in her Cloneblade form amzhai sports a large scythe-like blade, and later gains one on both arms.

She brutally beats Masane and chases her relentlessly only to be stopped by Reina herself. During her fight with Masane her Cloneblade is critically damaged. As a result, Guh impulses and emotion become enslaved by the carnal drive of her cloneblade. She quickly becomes a psychotic maniac, slaughtering, seeking fight and even raping for pure pleasure. In the end, she succeeds in unlocking the full powers of the Cloneblade albeit for a short moment. After attacking and beating Masane, she attempts to rape Takayama. However, her body crumbles into crystal dust before she is able to rape her beloved sensei's lover. Her cloneblade armor is blue and cyanbut turns to blue and red after unlocking her full power.

He is always prepared and is a very capable assistant. He is the kind of person who loves power and his loyalty lies with who ever is stronger. He describes himself as a person who loves to follow those who have power, and demonstrates it by switching sides with whoever wields the most powerful position within Dohji Industries. He is last seen standing with the Dohji recovery team on a bridge wishing Takayama good luck. Mariko Natsuki Voiced by: She is also the proprietress of the Marry's Gallery bar on the first floor. She is brash and sharp tongued, but is a kindhearted person who has a soft spot for Rihoko. A master of IT related matters, he is famous in the world of hackers.

He is quite perverted, often known for trying to peek in the woman's baths, but is really a good person who looks out for Rihoko. Mika Itou Japanese ; Cherami Leigh English [2] A fortune teller who sets up shop in the Natsuki Building, but her extreme shyness around strangers and her sensitivity hurts her business. She is often the object of Mr. He hardly ever says a word, but is apparently famous in some circles, though it is unknown what for. Others[ edit ] Witchblade An ancient magical artifact of unimaginable power that takes the form of gauntlet. Many wars have been fought by those who sought to control it.

Few seem to realize or care that the Witchblade itself is a sentient being with its own mysterious desires. Six years before the story begins, the artifact wound up in the possession of the Douji Group who sought to use the item to benefit themselves. She took the blade and rather than turn it over to the NSWFran into hiding. During an attempt by the NSWF and Douji Group to take it from her, the blade released a massive surge of power and triggered what was later known as the "Great Quake". For some reason it then chose a young woman named Masane Amaha to become its bearer. It was eventually deduced that the Witchblade would ultimately choose Masane's adopted daughter, Rihoko, as its bearer once she was mature enough.

The Witchblade was only usable by Reina and Masane due to their proximity to Rihoko, whom the weapon chose as its true bearer even before her birth. Once she realized this, Masane vowed to save her daughter from the Witchblade's cursed fate. The Witchblade chooses only a woman to be its bearer, becoming a silver bracelet with a red jewel. When the blade activates, it covers the bearer with a revealing, organic looking armor and grants enhanced physical abilities and the ability to sprout blades from their body.

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It also turns the wearers blood white while transformed. Though the power it grants is great, it becomes a double edged sword that breaks down the bearer's body eventually killing them. The Cloneblades possess many of the same powers as the Witchblade but are cheap imitations of the original. A human equipped Guy seeking single woman in amahai a Cloneblade wears a silver bracelet with a blue jewel on their left wrist. When activated, the wearer gains a metallic armor with glowing lines, and usually a large blade. Later research led to the creation of much stronger Dual Cloneblades: A human equipped with a Dual Cloneblade wears ornate silver bracelets with purple jewels on both wrists.

X-cons X-Cons were mechanical monsters manufactured by the Douji Group that Masane fought during the first half of the series. During the cataclysm known as "the Great Quake", they were all released and have been wandering around ever since. They were camouflaged in human form, but when they sensed power emanating from the Witchblade or a Cloneblade, they reveal their real forms. Similar to the Witchblade and Cloneblades, the X-Cons lust for combat. Almost no two are alike and each possess a different method of fighting.

It is later revealed that the Guy seeking single woman in amahai eseking created using corpses that were signed over to Douji. All X-Cons shown have taken the form of men and possess a black Witchblade-like bracelet on their forearm. I have been wanting a 18 year old girl lately! I can host in the Reno area. So if you are 18 to 20 and want to a guy get back to me. Maybe i can show you a few new things!! I promise Sdeking will make you orgasm womn you are into that. Tell me when, your cell number and what you would like me to do with you. I lived in the bay area most of my life.

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