How To Explain Menopause To My Husband

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Women have different outlooks on their menstrual cycles and different comfort levels with their bodies. These factors How to explain menopause to my husband affect their experience going through menopause. Laurie Pea, who has experienced menopause firsthand, says her life seems more timeless. But appearances can be deceiving. There will physical changes that can be hard to handle Menopause can cause many physical symptoms, including headaches, vaginal dryness, and changes in your hair. Nati and others like her find that instead of skipping through postmenopause life PMS-free, menopause has been like one long preperiod week.

Hitting the gym is essential — or, at least, indulging less is One side effect of menopause is that some women tend to experience slowed metabolism. How to help her transition through menopause So, gents, here is some great advice for maintaining healthy relationships with the women in your life, especially during menopause. When it comes to mood swings: Sometimes, binge watching a favorite show together or treating her to a spa day is enough to lighten the load. When it comes to sex: Be aware that her body is changing. Along with it, her body confidence, sex drive, and sexual pleasure may change as well.

Hello, sex all month long! My husband, David, and most of the men who responded to my recent questionnaire were completely in the dark about what to expect when the loves of their lives hit perimenopause and menopause. Boy, talk about being "blindsided"! When our relationship was hit with a torrent of hot flashes, tremendous mood swings and sleepless and sexless nights, he was more than flummoxed. Why was I so moody? Why did everything he do upset me so? Why didn't I want to be intimate with him anymore? These changes can be so confusing to the men in our lives.

My husband wasn't sure if my feelings for him had changed or if he had done something to incite my bitchy demeanor. Either way, he feared it would never go away.

How to Explain Menopause to Your Husband Using Cartoons

He wanted our relationship back, but had no idea as to what the cause or cure was. For him and for most of the men I interviewed, dealing with and How to explain menopause to my husband to understand perimenopause and menopause is more challenging than PMS. We learned that the Speed dating scorecard template our relationship was suffering from were actually symptoms of perimenopause. And with proper medical care, the symptoms faded away. But most importantly, we grew to better understand this chapter of my life -- and our relationship. Together and as co-participants, we educated ourselves on the myriad of more than 30 menopausal symptoms, demystifying this time in our lives.

Women aren't the only ones who need to understand menopause. As a woman, you are one-half of your marriage let's be honest: For my husband and me, going together to see a menopause specialist was a game-changer in how we approached this time in our lives together. Now, our relationship is even stronger than it was before. Open up the conversation with the love of your life with these top three things every woman should tell her partner about menopause: This Is Hard For Me As women, we try to take everything that life throws at us in giant, superhuman strides. But menopause isn't a road best traveled solo. So don't try to do it that way!

Be honest about how you feel both physically and emotionally. Even once you conquer hot flashes, mood swings and the various other symptoms of menopause, coping with the loss of fertility can be difficult for many women. You deserve every feeling.

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