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Ridge They were so labor and output. You still have to cope though. Suitable for him, he never did, haha. Prices to take what I current.

It does get colder in the winter than it does in the PNW though—so be prepared for fredeeiksberg. Stephanie Cool, not cold, and foggy and rainy. There were two weeks of spring and summer, five months of winter, and seven months of fall. It got light at 3am in the summer. In the winter the sun rose at 11am. Susan There are all four seasons. Did get snow one of the winters, but none the other winter.

Denmark Copenhagen Mission

Looklng The people were friendly, the Saints were like family! The country is one of the safest! It is a beautiful country…and I truly miss it! Danes do not like religion. Ridge They were so kind and helpful. They feel like my other family, hig Denmark is my second Looking for normal chill girl in poznan. I love everything about it. Katie I Lookong Denmark. The people at first may seem more withdrawn, but once you get to know them, they are the friendliest, most generous people you will ever meet.

The country itself is frereriksberg beautiful. There are fo country views as well as beautiful architecture fredriksberg history wherever you serve. Stephanie Oi, i is a long survey, all fredfriksberg questions too. Susan Super caring people. Some frederilsberg the best people you will meet! Pack half of what you think you need!! Berast is costly if you go over! All cosmetics should be in plastic bags! Dating a older women lives to confiscate excessive cosmetics! Georgia Buy Breats stuff there.

Fdederiksberg shop at Genbrugs. Bring waterproof and windproof clothing fredsriksberg. You will need them. The people over there frederuksberg nice, and if you dress nice you will set a good example for bteast girls considering serving a mission. Katie Waterproof your shoes. I got to the land in the summer and frederriksberg a raincoat while I was there. I bought the Scandinavian brand Helly Hansen. It was freddriksberg, but excellent quality. Wool tights for the winter sisters—obviously. Stephanie Bring skirts you can ride a bike in. Also a long heavy winter coat is a must.

Susan Buy as much of your Looknig there as you can! It is a little more expensive, but you want to Looking for big breast today in frederiksberg their style, their clothes that are specific to being in Denmark. Ryan What blessings did you receive from serving a mission? A refining and defining of who I am and how well Lookking truly live gospel principles! The power of forgiveness and how the atonement can be a powerful influence in how we see others! Georgia Learned a lot about myself. Ridge I received more than I can even count. I gained so many friends, strengthened my relationship with Heavenly Father, and I met my husband on my mission.

I came home heartbroken because I missed my mission so much. However, Heavenly Father never leaves us…even after the mission. My husband let me talk about my mission our mission all the time. He knew who my friends were and encouraged me to keep up my Danish. Everything good in my life I can trace to serving a mission. My testimony was strengthened. I learned countless Gospel and temporal lessons that bless my life regularly. I met my husband through an Elder I served with, etc. Stephanie Shedding a lot of social anxiety and becoming capable of doing really hard things.

Susan I found my wife after my mission. Because of serving, I have lifelong relationships, I grew as a person- as a husband and father- I came closer to my Savior. It made me the person I am today. Developed a strong testimony that is still serving me today. Ryan What are some skills you gained? Great to renew what I learned. Computer skills and dealing with immigration issues for each missionary! Also just a lot of confidence. Ridge I can now speak Danish. I also know what it means to stand up for my beliefs in a positive way. I was very shy before my mission.

I learned a lot of patience on my mission. The overall knowledge that I can do hard things. Stephanie Event planning, studying, life scheduling. Susan Communication is the main one. You learn how to talk to people and how to be in uncomfortable situations. Baylan Meeting new people. Talking to strange people, finding common ground. Ridge I wish I knew more of what to bring. Katie It will go faster than you could ever imagine. The days might seem long at times, but when you are done you will wonder how it happened. Susan I wish I knew how short the time was going to be. Baylan That it will end. Know gospel principles…read the Book of Mormon frequently!

It is a powerful testimony builder. Listen to the Spirit! Respond to the promptings of the Lord quickly as you trust in the Lord for understanding! Sincere prayer can get you through a lot, key word: Ridge Heavenly Father sends you to a certain place for a reason because He trusts you. Denmark, and any place for that matter, is not the easiest place to be. You are away from your family, and you need to work hard because there are people out there that are searching for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your personal growth and the development of your testimony are the key indicators to your success.

I know that I was sent to Denmark for a lot of reasons, but mostly it was for me. If you can, serve a mission. It is the foundation for the rest of your life. Katie Denmark is an amazing country that will be a big part of your life for the rest of your life. The people you meet, the experiences you have, and the sights you see will stay with you forever. You will love it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives for the better. Your service as a missionary will change your life and it will change the lives of the people you teach.

The Gospel brings happiness and peace even when going through trials. Bring that hope and love to Denmark! There is no replacing this experience.

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