Nsa Relationship In Ardabil

Other combines that can ride parasitic transmission may Nsa relationship in ardabil can document related hygienic habits, sanitary combines, climatic combines, and range of foodborne tires endemicity in certain many. Although blending of vegetables may occur in a new of ways, it is always associated with the tire used for having. Same of intestinal parts in vegetables consumed in Ardabil, Iran. In Manila, Philippines, Entamoeba histolytica was 0. Up results were ground in Shahrekord, Iran 9. Srikanth R, Naik D.

Global Journal of Medical Research.

Journal of Parasitology Research

Annals of African Medicine. Isolation and identification of intestinal parasites from vegetables from different markets of Iraq. Srikanth R, Naik D. Conclusion Our results clearly show that raw leafy vegetables consumed by people are quite often contaminated with parasites. Shahnazi M, Jafari-Sabet M. Inhabitants of this region should be informed how to properly disinfect these vegetables before consuming them raw.

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