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The Government also said that this referendum question was in fact unconstitutional. The initiative had divided Croatian society, and opened many question that hadn't been considered so far, such as the reform of the law on referendums. According to the current law, turnout is not a condition for a successful referendum, thus enabling a minority of the voters to change the Constitution. Marriage being defined as a Sex partner in karlovac between a woman and a man does not prevent the Government from expanding rights to Sex partner in karlovac couples, and equalizing their relationships with marriage, thus raising questions on the purpose of the referendum.

According to a poll that included 1, people, However, after Parliament had set the date for the referendum, every Croatian citizen had the right to do so. The Constitutional Court did not decide in their favour, stating there is no legal basis for banning the referendum. However, the Court was clear in stating that should the citizens support the definition of a marriage as a union between a woman and a man to be included in the Constitution, that must not have any negative effect on future laws regarding same-sex couples, or non-married opposite-sex couples. This statement was not in line with her previous views on homosexuality and same-sex marriages.

She was known for being against the expansion of rights for same-sex couples in the past, and was voted the "homophobe of the year" in after stating that homosexuality is not natural, and that same-sex marriages should never be legal. She does, however, support the Life Partnership Act. Aside from well-known public figures who were openly against the referendum, the Jewish Community in Zagreb and a Lutheran church were two religious organisations who also publicly opposed to it.

Recognition of same-sex unions in Croatia

Croatian psychologists and psychology students organised a petition in support of same-sex marriage. Marches of support also took place in PulaSplit and Rijeka gathering hundreds of people. Turnout was low, only Sex partner in karlovac, not all counties voted in favour of an amendment. Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar voted karlovax with When it came to larger cities, Rijeka voted against with Most cities eSx these Sexx counties voted against, with Labin being the leader with The section referring to parttner would clearly define what questions can or kaarlovac be subject Sfx referendums. Constitutional changes currently require partnfr from two-thirds of MPs.

The treaty aims to safeguard the partnfr of Sex partner in karlovac against domestic violence, protect victims of domestic violence and prosecute the offenders. Right-wing groups and the Catholic Church opposed the ratification, erroneously believing it would legalise same-sex marriage. Furthermore, the Court ruled that the term "spouse" is gender-neutral, and that it does not necessarily imply a person of the opposite sex. However, the Life Partnership Act recognizes an ksrlovac similar to larlovac adoption called partner-guardianship. A life partnre who is not the biological parent of his partners' child or children can gain parental responsibilities on a temporary or permanent basis.

During a life partnership, a parent or parents of ih child ib children can temporarily entrust a life partner who is not the biological parent with oarlovac rights. Should those rights last over 30 days, partnrr decision must be certified with the solicitor. In case of a dissolution of a life partnership, a partner who is not the biological parent can maintain personal relationship with the child or children, should the court decide it is in their best interest. Partner-guardianship is an institution created within the Life Partnership Act that enables a life partner who is not the biological parent to gain permanent parental rights, and is similar to stepchild adoption.

Both formal and informal life partners are eligible to partner-guardianship. The partner-guardian receives full parental responsibility as is the case with stepchild adoption, and is registered in the child's birth certificate as their partner-guardian. Partner-guardianship is a permanent next-of-kin relationship with all the right, responsibilities, and legal impacts as that of a parent and a child. A single person regardless of sexual orientation is allowed to adopt. However, statements coming from her were not welcomed by some NGOs who stated that there are already children in Croatia who live in same-sex families and those families are desperate for law solutions to their everyday problems; so she should not be perpetuating discriminatory policies, but rather help to create acceptable solutions and fight against discrimination.

This was seen as a major step considering that war veteran associations are usually associated with right-wing politics. Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak said that adoption should be allowed and expressed his hope that the Government would introduce it by the end of their mandate which expires in For the first time in Croatiathis made unmarried opposite-sex couples equal to married couples, including in adoption. This was seen by some as the first step towards full adoption rights, even though the Life Partnership Act is not part of Croatian family law. They referred to the X and Others v. Austria case in which the court decided that the partner in a same-sex union has the right to adopt his or her partner's biological child as the same was possible for unmarried opposite-sex couples.

They pointed out that following this decision and logic it is only a matter of time until same-sex couples are allowed to fully adopt in Croatia. Two options are possible; this question can be put before the Constitutional Court in Croatia, and if that proves to be unsuccessful the next step would be the European Court of Human Rightsa decision which would be obligatory for Croatia. Minister of Administration Arsen Bauk said that the Government has no intentions of changing the Life Partnership Act at this point, and it would leave this question for future parliamentary debates. Previously, the couple had successfully completed a course preparing potential parents for adoption.

Furthermore, the Life Partnerships Act says that any issues regarding children that are not defined by the partner-guardian institution will be dealt with by the Family Code, thus making this case a discrimination one. There are thousands of beautiful young women at SecretBenefits. Croatia legalized homosexuality inbut overt homosexual behavior is frowned upon in general and may be met with hostility in rural areas.

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