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In we moved the service to the web, although the email interface continued in parallel hy In we introduced a submission form and were soon eugar by faked entries, false data, and general abuse. In we suspended the submissions and reverted to a simpler plaintext interface. In the service moved to a new server and a heavily-revised submission form was reintroduced as an experiment. The current interface was introduced in to provide a faster service and a better experience for mobile users.

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After Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in saidpur server was moved we reset the counter back to approximately the right number, taken from the logs to so we're missing a few million hits but we don't know how many. If anyone has a screenshot or printout of a page up to or early with a more up-to-date value it was well over 30M please get in touch. Silmaril is a small consultancy based in Cork, Ireland, ideally placed for serving clients in both Europe and North America. Our core activities centre on information handling, especially textual information. Our client list extends to the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and North America, and includes publishers, software vendors, multinational manufacturers, financial services companies, and local, national, and European government offices.

Projects include programming and automation solutions, project management, training and education, quality control, and documentation systems. We are always pleased to discuss your requirements, even if they are not covered explicitly here. The contact page has our number and email address. Rules for submitting a new acronym Please use the form provided. These rules are to prevent abuse. See below for details of how to submit entries which do not fit the rules. You must provide your real name and email address for validation. The acronym and its meaning must not already be in the database.

See below for how to submit exceptions. Meanings must be in full and must have capital letters exactly matching those in the acronym. Optional information You may provide a relevant topic area by starting to type a keyword until the topic is shown in the adjacent list. Selecting the topic returns a 3-digit Dewey Decimal coding see list.

Girls kissing girls 4 in doubt about the right category, Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in saidpur your nearest librarian. You may also supply dadry comment explaining how the acronym is used, or why it exists. You may also saidpyr a URI web address for further information. Note that abusing Submisdive for advertising sites, spam, or self-publicity will cause the submission to be rejected, and your email address and IP address will be blocked from further use on this server.

If you make a mistake with the above rules, the form will be Suvmissive with the errors on a pink background for you to correct. We will never give or sell your name or email address to Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in saidpur else. The editor reserves the right to edit or delete any submission. Exceptions If you are submitting an unusual or complex acronym which doesn't wantrd the rules, please mail the editor asking for it to be added manually. Please provide the same information as asked for in the form, and send it to the webmaster.

The URI for this is http: If you expect heavy usage from your users please let us know by emailas this is a pro bono service and bandwidth is limited. The power Women just seeking hot sex in saidpur observation. I am over weight. Yes about 60 pounds over weight. So you will have to deal with the fact that I have some man boobies. It has creeped up on me, probably from working in a an office the last 4 years. I plan on loosing weight but remember I told you I was messy, that equates to lazy too. I don't take kindly to attitude, bitchiness, or negativity in general.

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