How To Get Someone Addicted To You

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What were the feelings of each of you about its ending?

How To Make Him Addicted To You

How to get someone addicted to you Keep on giving attention everyday, preferably during fixed times, until the person gets used to this attention. After sometime the person will get addicted to you and making him love you will be an easy task. First, list the names of each person with whom you had a romantic attachment, going as far back as you can. The reasons this can be extraordinarily helpful are a It compels you to notice what is going on and how you feel about it, b It can help you to look back through it and see the shape of the relationship, what it has really been like and felt like, what have been its patterns over time, and c It can curb your tendencies to distort the relationship by either twisting events, repainting your feeling and forgetting either the unpleasant or the pleasant.

Write Memos to Yourself A patient of mine invented the technique of writings memos to herself. Even more important than similarities in the physical and personality characteristics of people with whom you have had close relationships are the Relationship Characteristics, the repeated patterns of interaction in which you have been involved.

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