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Ok you are total out of this saintd-anne-de-la-pérade me. I can't rim that. I still love me a good burger every now and then. Light, this is not a new and I am for having and not ultra to play you or budget you need like a fool or anything.

Why I am the perfect man: I do not smoke. Never have; never will. That's probably all I needed to write I am responsible and have my shit together.

When I finished university, it became my full-time, real meal deal, a hobby that became a passion and that I now get paid for: I like to share the things I enjoy with others. As long as you aren't a total slob. I'm looking for the same. For the most part. I won't judge you for having a few, or not having any. As a result, sex with people I don't truly care about is not and has not been really something I enjoy or am interested in. Well, maybe once--just to see what it was like. War is fun in video games and movies, but in reality it is tragic.

I still love me a good burger every now and then. I just need to get the travel part down more seriously. Or talking about feelings. Please attempt to reciprocate. And it looks amazing on me, so I actually wear it. I love cutsie Japanese sluts in sainte-anne-de-la-pérade like that. Next time, you can return the favor with French toast and maple syrup. I am -free, meaning I do not want ren--sooo many reasons for that, both for my sake, your sake, and our sake, but that is an in-person conversation. I am liberal, economiy and socially, despite being a business owner who is not a fan of drugs although I am slightly x friendly and respects benevolent authority.

I effing love science, especially medicine and anything related to space. The woman I am looking for is attractive, bright, and in good shape. She is shorter than I am. Just looking at her gives me butterflies in the stomach. She is attractive without the entitlement, disdain for real, honest work, and the craziness that sometimes accompanies beauty. In fact, she actively combats those stereotypes by being smart, fostering a creative spirit, and just generally being an interesting, thoughtful, and well-rounded person--and looking damn good doing it. You have to be a bigger woman and in no way considered skinny, please.

I am sorry this is just my preferrence. My intention is friends with benefits. So, we would have to hit it off as friends for this to work. I mean my personality is very outgoing, silly, adventurous, love to laugh, not a bar person, not a smoker or a big drinker. If you are a smoker, we could work it out but don't be an alcoholic. What you are getting out of this with me? Well, I am a good conversationalist, listener, I am not stupid so you don't have to explain yourself to me, very passionate and intimate and not afraid to show it, I'm private and not much of a show-off, and just good and fun companion to have and be with.

Again, this is not a joke and I am for real and not trying to play you or make you look like a fool or anything. Just trying to find the right cougar for me. The number is seven five seven two seven seven eight two zero six. My cell is almost always on silent so if I don't answer, that's because I haven't looked at myyet.

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Like I said, I'm busy and don't live on my. However, once I start texting, it's hard to stop for me, especially if I like you. I am not looking for a plastic model beauty. Just want that natural feminine look. Look like you can take yourself as a woman and carry your weight well. Thank you very much for looking and reading.

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