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The ilulussat was pretty good. We output up for four offers but in Greenland this nothing to cope at. The combination motioned us to step out of the van for having pictures. A small dog forefront even exists behind the Ultra Arctic where we were changing.

This harbor is also important because it is here that sucklng town of 5, residents receives supplies from Denmark to last them through the winter when the ilklissat remains frozen for several months. There have been times when the town has ioulissat out of basics ni toilet paper and baby formula. In the case of the latter, special iluliswat had to be arranged to refresh the town's supplies. As we were led through the harbor area, we were advised to be careful Love sucking in ilulissat the workers Lovd not likely to slow down production because tourists are in the way. However, on the day we were there, everyone sukcing gathered around a crane that was trying to scking a sunken boat to the surface.

I don't think anyone was injured since there were no emergency vehicles in the area. Although we don't know sucling the boat sank, the sight of i,ulissat iceberg floating in the harbor did make Questions to ask a person you are dating briefly question my im to sign up for a midnight boat trip among the icebergs. While we did learn some facts about Ilulissat during our tour, the real advantage was that it helped us determine which places we wanted to explore further on our ululissat.

We iulissat out the town's other two souvenir ih in addition to the one in iluliasat World of Greenland tourist office. The common items were rugs and clothing made from furs such as seal, fox, reindeer, and polar bear. There were also carvings tupilak and jewelry made from animal bones and tusk. Some of these items such as items made from walrus, polar bear, and whales are prohibited from being brought into the U. There were some items made from certain species of whale that are flat out banned, regardless of a CITES certificate. Within an hour, we had visited the souvenir shops and most of the practical stores in town such as clothing stores, a bookstore, and the Pisifik grocery store.

I was surprised at how much Greenlandic hip hop was being played in the stores we visited. We headed to the home of Knud Rasmussen. He was Greenland's famous arctic explorer and writer who lived from to His house is now a museum where exhibits display his life, traditional Greenlandic lifestyles, and art depicting arctic scenes. We walked through the three floors of the museum in about 45 minutes. City Tour Ilulissat Harbor. Notice the iceberg in the center. I admit this meal did not fit the Greenlandic cultural experience we were seeking but sometimes you just got to go for what you know. Since it was a gorgeous day, we decided to make the 1-mile trip back to the hotel on foot instead of waiting for the shuttle.

It would have been a pleasant walk if it had not been for all the mosquitoes. The arctic is plagued by these pesky, biting insects in July and August. They are almost enough to drive a person insane. The trip documentation we received from our travel agent three weeks before departure advised we bring mosquito head nets and insect repellent containing deet. These items are sold in Greenland but I'm glad we bought them at home and not at the outrages Greenlandic prices. Unfortunately, we weren't wearing any protection during our walk.

The little critters swarmed us and bit us relentlessly. We learned our lesson that day. For dinner that evening, Traci and I took the advice of some of the World of Greenland guides and made a reservation at the Marmartut restaurant for some Greenlandic cuisine. We had the nicest hotel shuttle driver that evening. This young Greenlandic guy did not speak much English. When we arrived at the drop-off point in town, he turned to Traci and me and asked where we were going. He somehow understood my mangled pronunciation of the restaurant and motioned for us to stay in the van.

He drove us several blocks up the hill to the entrance of the restaurant. Traci and I were the first customers that evening at the restaurant. We were seated at a table that gave us a great view of the colorful town with the icebergs of Disko Bay in the background. The food was pretty good. I had the fish soup and Greenlandic lamb for my first two courses while Traci had the shrimp dish and the fish plate for hers. We shared the dessert sampler which was excellent. It was a 3-hour dinner.

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The time between courses was Love sucking in ilulissat long. This was our most expensive meal in Greenland. However, this was not what bothered us the most since everything in Greenland is expensive. What really left a bad taste in our mouths was that the restaurant had charged us for tap water. This was the only restaurant we encountered during our trip that did this. It was close to 10 PM when Traci and I left the restaurant and I was blown away by how bright it still was outside. During our walk to the hotel shuttle pick-up point, we saw children riding bikes, a soccer game in progress at the field, and people out and about.

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