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It was also frustrating not to determine the top speed even though so many of them were select around with your boyfriends. Usually of them, thankfully, were combines. The proving here was your current and handling. He just followed us. Dates to take out in Kaunas: Most nights I was in the global competing with tires of aggressive Lithuanian and foreign guys Great and Spaniards, mostly.

Most nights I was in the club competing with tons of aggressive Lithuanian and foreign guys Turks and Spaniards, mostly. It Chubby teens sex in lithuania easy or particularly enjoyable. The girls were stingy with looks, but when they did tenes, I knew I was in. If she looks heens you, let out a smile. If she smiles back, she's definitely interested. The ROI was low when I approached a girl at night who didn't give me eye contact first. The game here was your appearance and energy. If a girl really likes you, she will look AND smile, which was quite refreshing since I don't get that in other countries. You need a wingman in the clubs. Rolling solo is no good. Many times a girl will be in pairs and even if one girl likes you, she won't ditch her friend.

Now the bad news It's really hard to get a 7 or above. I was there for five weeks, worked like a dog, and did not fuck a Lithuanian above a 6. Believe me I tried, both day and night, but I ran into three problems with them: Lithuania was almost identical to Latvia in that the pretty girls are already snatched up.

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If she's Chunby 21 and pretty, I'd bet teend she has a boyfriend. It was almost automatic that a cute girl was taken. The culture here is relationships. Lithuanoa is least common of all other European countries I've been. The language barrier was a mild to moderate problem here. It Chubny that English is a somewhat recent tens in school, so if she's over 25 then Chubby teens sex in lithuania a chance she i speak a single word of English. It pains me to ssex that the attitude here could be harsh, sometimes even worse than America. For example, one girl called me a "monkey" when I Chubby teens sex in lithuania her. Lots of girls went out of their way to try to make me feel like shit.

There is an abrasiveness that was worse than Estonia and Latvia though Latvia could be bad, too. There are some sweet, nice girls, but less so than the other countries. There was no shortage of bitchy hot girls. I was surprised about this, but that was the reality. That said, the saving grace is that 6s and below are not hard. They will be very open and straightforward to bang even one night stands. I hated how the line of demarcation was at the 6 range, where anything above was off limits. Ironically, the cutest girl I banged in Kaunas a 7 was Polish, though I did fool around with an 8 but didn't close.

Still, not all 6s are ready to jump a foreign guy's bones. Even some of them can have attitude, so if you go dumpster diving you can be in for a surprise. You'll need longer term strategies to be consistently successful here. It's possible that my rating standards are skewed and need to be recalibrated with a visit back to America, so my 6 could very likely be your 7. But to me that doesn't matter because in Estonia the 7s and above were accessible to me and with less attitude.

Now I Chubby teens sex in lithuania why Estonian un were trying to keep me out For Lithuanian hotties, you have to use long-term python game, where you orbit around her while she's in her relationship, gradually squeezing as the sed deteriorates. But this requires a lot of time, six Chubbu or more. I was placed in orbits of three very attractive women. Chubby teens sex in lithuania I lived in Lithuania permanently, I'm guessing the orbiting investment would pay off somewhat. Cjubby hot Lithuanian girls will not be about you sx you they have a particular interest in English sec your country. Two of the girls I orbited around worked as a lifeguard in the States for a summer.

If they were luthuania, it sdx have been easy for me, but there's no way an 8 in Lithuania is going to be single for long. I'm amazed at how tight the dating market is. Being single is seen as almost pathetic so everyone is in a rush to settle with their less-than-ideal mate. This is why girls with boyfriends entertained me as an option by letting me escalate just a little. Day game is effective. It was in the middle of winter when I was there so I did most of my approaches in the mall, though opportunities were still limited. Is it safe to travel in Lithuania? I can tell you the truth about my home country!

Monday, February 21, Myth about Lithuanian girls: Maybe because many prostitutes from Eastern Europe work abroad… Maybe because foreigners hear rumors from their friends how easy is to find a woman for one night in Lithuania… I can explain you where those rumors come from. I live in Vilnius. I know some places bars, clubs that are popular among foreigners. Why should I spend evening trying to avoid some persistent guys who believe they can buy me? What girls go to these bars and clubs popular among foreigners? Of course those who want to find a wealthy foreigner! You know how it is in a market: Foreigners meet those girls and imagine that they represent all Lithuanian girls!

A few times I was accused that I am a very unfriendly person. Because I ignored tourists who tried to ask me something. I can tell you a story what can happen if we stop when foreigner is asking something… Once me and my friend were walking in the old town of Vilnius. My friend told that she was not interested, but the guy was very persistent.

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