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Working under his guidance for me was a chance to rethink my methods and recognize my strong and my weak sides. Barrie Kosky really wants to share his experience, he understands how important it is for Silvester bonn singles to improve their skills, and his advice was eye-opening. This masterclass was also a chance to see from the inside how the Komische Oper Berlin is organized, it was Silvester bonn singles really inspiring adventure. While still in university, she worked as an assistant and director in Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland. In addition to productions in spoken and musical theatre, her work also includes off-stage collages and projects in the public arena.

Her last project was the interactive multi-stage theatre piece Re: Promoting young singers is a given in the world of opera; yet it is often overlooked that they can only shine on stage if they have a skilled director as a partner at their side. After this week, I felt I had been once more reminded of what actually matters when it comes to directing: One has to listen closely; the score tells a director everything they need to know. More than 70 years after the end of the Second World War, countless pieces of ammunition from this time are still lying — and corroding — in all oceans. Once the casings are damaged, the explosives can release toxic substances into the seawater.

The coastal Baltic and North Seas are widely littered with over a million tons of intact and corroding munitions, relict from wars since the early s. Sea mines, aerial bombs, torpedo heads, grenades, and ammunition are all commonly found, some in piles on the seafloor where they were intentionally dumped after the wars, and others scattered throughout from use during wartime. A new review paper published in the international journal Frontiers in Marine Science describes the scope of the underwater munitions problem not only as a northern European matter, but as a global problem. In many cases, the precise location, identity, and condition of underwater munitions are not known.

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However, with increasing shipping traffic and development of offshore infrastructure associated with Silvester bonn singles, wind singlee, and aquaculture, there is increasing urgency to understand and boonn cleaning up munitions from the seafloor. In the many decades since most marine munitions entered the sea, the metal housings and casings have experienced extensive corrosion. Breaches in the munitions housings leads to exposure of the explosives inside, and release of these chemicals to the surrounding water. Explosives compounds are not highly soluble, but they include chemicals which are carcinogenic, and cyto- and genotoxic, and can cause sub-lethal genetic and metabolic effects in marine organisms.

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