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It has already been ground that Time-Indian and Goan numbers were service into hotel and club has at a very total stage, Swing parties in galle they could be found in them from the global s onwards. Fernandes, Naresh, Taj Weekend Foxtrot: I saw some of the most light scenery; the natives are a hundred its behind. After oriented more towards questionnaire music than jazz in the global sense, one of the first necessarily Goan groups to be daily engaged in Mumbai from the s ever was the World Boys, which featured daily L. The social labor of great here was significantly go than that of the struggles in clubs and great options. I have a sporty position at the World Hotel.

It was introduced to India by the maharajahs, who were captivated by the music during journeys to Europe and in particular Paris, as well as by Girls wanting sex in witbank and ij diplomats, industrialists, and merchants who hired dance orchestras to provide musical entertainment partiea a variety of evenings and events larties for the great hotels of Delhi, Madras, Mumbai, and Kolkata—as well as across Asia in Colombo, Inn Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai, or Bangkok. Well before the arrival of ragtime and jazz, popular dance music styles included waltzes, polkas, rumbas, and tangos.

Thanks to their knowledge and experience of Western music gained from the Church, it was Goans and Anglo-Indians who made up the majority of orchestra members. However, the most prestigious clubs and hotels had to employ foreign orchestras, which would then spend several years in the Inn, or at the very least had to reserve the leading positions for European or American musicians. However, there Swnig no recordings of this group. In the Grand Hotel signed a contract with Canadian musician Jimmie Lequime, who had until that point been employed in Shanghai. The group proved to be very good performers and, as the recordings available show Lotzit was far superior to the gimmick galke of hotels of the period, including those in the United States.

During this period the orchestra made several recordings for the Indian label Twin, but none appear to have been preserved and there are no indications of the quality of their performance. Teddy Weatherford—originally from Virginia—thus spent most of Swihg career as a pianist abroad, after spending some time playing in New Orleans and then on the Chicago circuit in the early s. Most of his jazz activities and the majority of his discography were completed in India, in particular in Kolkata in the early s, where Swing parties in galle died of cholera.

Above and beyond his actual demonstrable importance in the history partties jazz, he has become a genuine icon for jazz lovers in Kolkata and India in general, where the memory of his performances with the Grand Hotel Orchestra is kept alive. The year galls the first orchestra in India to contain black musicians, including Roy Butler. The orchestra was invited to South America Swkng arrived in Buenos Aires inwhere local musicians joined the group for the tour, which lasted Swiing the end of the year. Chicago Public Library, by Courtesy 9 It was at this point that they received a timely invitation to India, and so the orchestra left for Kolkata on December 12,to play the winter season at the Grand Hotel.

Their contract came to an end in April and the gzlle disbanded. Crickett Smith replaced Cooper, who fell ill, and then WSing as the orchestra leader when the latter returned to Paris. Teddy Weatherford was hired on the way in Penang, Malaysia. Work as dance orchestra musician was not overly taxing, but the pay and living conditions were excellent. They were treated like princes by both the European and Indian clientele, who thirsted for modern American entertainment, and the hotel and club managers, for whom they provided both high-quality performances and the glamour and prestige of jazzmen, thus helping to establish the fame of the Indian winter season under the Raj.

The recording contains interesting solos from Teddy Weatherford on the piano and Roy Butler on the saxophone, as well as the voice of black American drummer Creighton Thompson. The two latter musicians left for Paris at the end of the season in April This was the era of the International Exposition Dedicated to Art and Technology in Modern Life from May to Novemberand many artists and musicians travelled to attend. Upon his return to India in November in the company of Roy Butler, Teddy Weatherford set up his own orchestra at the Taj and became the central figure of Indian jazz from late onwards.

He will divide the honours of the Harbour Bar with a charming young lady named Mabel Scott—and—who knows? This was a very international makeup, as was the case for many hotel groups during that era, but the remarkable element for our purposes was the inclusion of two Indians: War and the resulting population movements accelerated the process of incorporating Indian musicians into jazz orchestras, as can be seen from the lists in the Roy Butler Collection that state the staff employed in orchestras and for recording sessions during this period. It has already been noted that Anglo-Indian and Goan musicians were incorporated into hotel and club orchestras at a very early stage, as they could be found in them from the early s onwards.

Although oriented more towards dance music than jazz in the strict sense, one of the first primarily Goan groups to be regularly engaged in Mumbai from the s onwards was the Rhumba Boys, which featured saxophonist L. Abreu, clarinetist Johnny Gomes, and pianist Mike Machado. However, one of the first jazzmen to dominate the scene was neither Anglo-Indian nor Goan: It should be noted that until the s Indian jazz musicians were of European origin and that Rudy Cotton was an exception. It is important to remember the policy of racial exclusion that was in force in the overwhelming majority of entertainment venues, the Calcutta Club being one example among them.

In places where Indians were accepted, they were either industrialists or political leaders of use to and controlled by the British—such as Maharajahs—or alternatively musicians. Their abundance and great visibility in the musical arena, much higher than their absolute number within the population, was therefore down to two factors. The first factor, a knowledge and experience of European music via the tradition of church music, is a pragmatic one, while the second, namely the fact that they were tolerated alongside colonists in this role as performers and providers of Western musical entertainment, is more political. Roy Butler was one of the few who chose to remain: My short stretch as a bandleader in India was not too earth-shaking.

For one thing, I had only Indian musicians to work with, all the Americans having departed, and the local musicians were not too familiar with jazz at that time. I understand that there are some very good jazzmen out there now, but the time was too short for anything to develop, good or bad. I rejoined Teddy in early Martin and saxophonist Micky Correa. Correa was born in Mombasa in Kenya, but grew up in Goa and Karachi. He also played with Teddy Weatherford, and after the war set up his own orchestra at the Taj, where he would play for more than twenty straight years—a record in the profession.

A well-known member of the musical scene, he also played classical music with the Bombay Symphony Orchestra. In he also formed his own orchestra, Chic and His Music Makers, and became one of the pillars of the Mumbai scene, even introducing dance and jazz music into Hindi films of the s, including Albela, in which he played a small role Cabral e Sa Anglo-Indians and Goans therefore began to dominate the jazz scene in India during the Second World War, even going so far as to represent the majority of the members of the Bombay Swing Club, which was founded during that period.

He directed an orchestra at the Grand Hotel from September onwards. However, they were joined by Nepalese George Banks on trumpet born Pushkar Bahadur Budhapritiwho had taken an American-sounding name out of his love for the music. They were joined by Tony Gonsalves on double bass, who played a key role in cinema and film music and cofounded the Cine-Musicians Association in to protect the rights of studio musicians. Americans had more money to spend on the girls, so all the girls would be with the American soldiers and none with the British Tommies. As soon as a set of Americans would come in the British would watch them, then suddenly, for no apparent reason, there would be a free-for-all, bottles, chairs, the lot.

A few bodies would be taken out. As soon as any trouble began, I would tap on the shoulder of one of the guys.

I would tell him that one of his friends was in bad shape and needed his help in the toilets. I would join him, and then knock him out without Swing parties in galle. I would aprties step over him gall return to keeping gallle eye on the Casanova. It was said that he partie drank alcohol and that if he was offered a drink, he would reply: I like ice cream. In reality he was the brains of the orchestra, as Teddy was neither very diligent nor very rigorous. Instead, it was Roy who took care of things and who insisted that Teddy Weatherford impose a level of discipline and write new tunes, and for this reason Roy brought Teddy the latest records to listen to.

Teddy is remembered as carefree, always ready to tell a joke or play a trick, and as a musician as a consistently effective pianist able to play for hours among tipsy soldiers and marines with one hand if required, for example if he was handed a drink. I was flattered to find he flushed with pleasure at the entry of an old acquaintance and that he would compose a programme specially for the occasion.

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That night he was so dazzling I would not hesitate Swing parties in galle place him among the great musicians in jazz. He played all the pieces I asked of him, including Mr. Not only did Swimg play marvelously solo, but proved himself a Swng strength in the rhythm section. One could feel partues enormous power, the solid swing of the firm left hand lifting the band. Most of the time the band worked out in a room full of British airmen, G. As a leader of the orchestra Pqrties left much to be desired. Of course, he never had the same musicians, so the ensembles suffered from partoes serious handicap. This is also why these times and venues were Kostenlos singles kennenlernen osterreich moments of intense diffusion of until that point compartmentalized cultural forms between members of social groups who would normally be ethnically separated.

However, it is important not to be fooled into believing the fiction of racial tensions being suspended as a result of the war, as Swing parties in galle demonstrated by this episode related by Reuben Solomon: He was standing right in front galpe the stage and he had this little black bear with him. Teddy always had a white sharkskin suit whenever he played, always immaculately dressed. He ripped it to shreds and, of course, got a few claw marks on Teddy. Teddy took it very well. Indifference to the local population reached scarcely conceivable levels during the great famine ofwhich caused partise million and a half deaths.

This was the direct consequence of poor decisions made by the Bengal colonial authorities Arnold Nevertheless, even within such a dramatic context conducive to resentment, cultural forms continued to circulate—in particular in entertainment and popular music—among the Indian elite and Anglo-Indian musicians, who gradually came to form the vast majority of those working in jazz and the entertainment industry. However, this did not prevent Weatherford from making solo piano recordings, which were more ambitious from a jazz perspective thanks to the support of Roy Butler, with one example being the series overseen by Sinclair Traill, an eminent jazz specialist who became the editor-in-chief of the famous Jazz Journal in Robert Levan, Bob Merrill found fame during Roy Butler left Kolkata in October ; following particularly heavy enemy bombing of the city by the Japanese, he decided to take the first boat leaving for the United States.

The last known recording session completed by Teddy Weatherford with the rest of his orchestra took place with Bob Lee in Januarythis time not for Columbia but for HMV. He was one of the first victims of the epidemic, which was without doubt spread by rats and prompted the army to ban its men from drinking anything in the city. The war thus represented a turning point in the Indianization of jazz. The Assertion of an Indian Jazz Scene Following Independence 30 The late s and the s were marked by the presence of an increasing number of entirely Indian orchestras in the great hotels of both Mumbai and Kolkata.

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