How Do You Delete Pictures Off Of Facebook

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The other party will keep seeing Hkw and you will also see them in the View Shared Photos section. Delete the app delte wait for a few minutes. Install the Messenger app again and you will see that there will be no photos to see when you tap on View Shared Photos option. Suppose you want to delete all the photos you once shared with your friend John. Make a new Facebook Group chat that will have three people in it: You, John and some other user.

You can add any other friend. After you have made the group, ask your friend to leave the chat group, so that only you and John remain in the group. This chat thread will override the previous chat thread of you and John, thereby removing all shared photos and content. Now head over to Images and there will be a section for Messenger Photos. Here you will see Shared photos option. Delete all these photos manually. You can click on any album and look for the gear and delete that album. Some album, like mobile uploads, can not be deleted and can get very large with only one way to do it; one photo at a time.

To do this you will need the Firefox or Chrome iMacros addon. There are quite a few steps to create the macro correctly so I have made the macro available for you below. I did it with Firefox so Chrome users might see things a tad differently but it should be very similar. Now we need to create the macro.

How to delete your Facebook photos and albums in bulk

A macro is simply a set of instructions. To delete photos you need to fin a picture, click delete, puctures click confirm. In this case we are going to create a macro that quite simply mimics you doing that so that we can have the macro run and do it for you repeatedly. This is the most time consuming part, really. Startup the iMacros addon by clicking on it near your home icon. Go to whatever folder you want to delete, click on it and select a picture and open that picture in a new tab middle mouse 3:

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