What Happens After Basic Training In The Marines

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After Congress authorized an increase in manpower in preparation for World War II in Septemberthe syllabus was halved to four weeks to accommodate the influx of recruits. On the other hands, recruits who are injured become part of the Medical Rehabilitation Platoon MRPin which they are closely monitored and treated by naval medical personnel while receiving implicit instruction about the Marine Corps and performing whatever small tasks, such as cleaning, they may be capable of.

United States Marine Corps Recruit Training

It is at this tralning that a recruit must come to terms with the decision he or she has made and develop the true determination needed to make it through the process of becoming a United States Marine. McClure died in March after being beaten during a mock bayonet drill at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diegoleading to accusations of boot camp brutality. Recruits will conduct two pugil stick bouts and are introduced to the obstacle course. In some cases, it may be necessary for a recruit who has recovered from illness or injury in MRP may need to be moved to PCP to regain an appropriate level of physical fitness and avoid further injury or illness before they eventually rejoin a training platoon.

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