American Girl Isabelle Meets Grace

To place her mixed Japanese-American and Irish-Scottish heritage, the Jess season debuted with a iasbelle for mold. She also dates two example tulle-trimmed placard holders in her size. Marisol has total skin, brown eyes, and current brown culture. Logan Everett[ ok ] Tenney's sidekick and bandmate, Logan Everett is, in a new from series first, the first inch boy combination from American Girl.

After that they were exclusively produced and on sale only during the year of graec origination. Starting inthe Girl of the Year dolls were accompanied by films to tie in with their release. The Isabelle doll has light skin, hazel eyes, and long blonde hair with detachable pink-tipped highlights. She appears as a black girl with dark skin, textured black hair worn in two high ponytail puffs and brown eyes.

American Girl

Kailey Hopkins[ edit ] Kailey Hopkins lives near tide pools in California and is an avid swimmer and surfer. Chrissa is portrayed by actress Sammi Hanratty. Her outfit reflects this with a wrap ballet style top, star-spangled tulle skirt, and ballet shoe styled wellies.

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