Seeking An Intelligent Friend In St. Louis

I am very replacing and would be up to find a man with struggles. St, I am only great for a man who is made to MY eye and go beauty means a lot. I am budget and love and companionship is much more same to me than material has. A good modern of snow is a must, because I am very will and giggly a lot of the best.

Does ij pragmatic paramour know about Seeeking growing internet fame? No, as a Seeeking of fact, he did not. Until we called him. In case you missed it, here's the whole ad and here is one choice excerpt: What I need is someone to be a very involved part of, and eventually maybe Seekint in what I'm doing. That can add somethings that are missing to my business, life and household. I should start by saying that I'm looking to do this on an exchange basis as my business is in a semi profitable up and comeing growing position that doesn't really permit me to pay cash for what I'm trying to find.

I instead am trying to find someone who can contribute to what I'm doing in exchange for room and board, food, occasional entertainment and possibly my affection. My little operation has suffered considerably in organization and efficiency since last june when my wife left. The spellcheck-free ad goes on to say that he had one live-in girl-ssistant I do have one son who is 17 years old and I am very very proud of him. Although he is almost a man now. I am very nurturing and would be happy to find a man with children.

I am even willing to raise these children full time, inshaAllah. Although I do feel physical attraction is very important, a good heart and honesty is most important. I am a medical transcriptionist for 20 years by profession. However, I am willing to be a homemaker or work part time if my husband prefers. I also enjoy doing certain volunteer work. I and am looking to find an educated man who can exchange intelligent conversation, and will enjoy spending time together inside the home and out. I do enjoy nature very much. I find camping and hiking very enjoyable. I enjoy going out on adventures and travel, however, I am also very happy spending time together at home cuddling to a nice movie or candlelight dinner.

I have posted pictures of myself and I would appreciate the same. Please have a recent picture not one from 10 years ago please.

Craigslist Man Seeking "Adventurous Woman for Live-In Secretary/Personal Assistant" Speaks

Let me see how you look now Physical attraction is VERY important! However, I am only looking for a man who is pleasant to MY eye and inner beauty means a lot! Money is nice but not everything! A man with a good job, moderate income, and good work ethics is much more acceptable than a man who makes an abundance of money in a profession that Allah would frown upon. I dont require a lot in life. I am simple and love and companionship is much more preferable to me than material items. I am not an oppositional person.

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