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The statistical population of this study included all nurses of Shiraz hospitals. A sample of female nurses from Al-Zahra heart hospital in Shiraz was selected by convenient sampling method. The findings were analyzed by statistical tests of multivariate regression analysis and Pearson correlation test. The results showed that the level of distress tolerance and sense of humor are able to negatively predict job stress in nurses. Pourshahbaz Abbas3, Doulatshhi Behruz4. Despite the extensive use of this questionnaire, there is no study about psychometric properties of the Persian version of ERSQ. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate the psychometric properties of ERSQ in Iranian population.

SPSS Version 23 was used for data analysis. For data analysis, exploratory factor analysis and Pearson correlation coefficient were used. Exploratory factor analysis yielded 8 factors of attention to feelings, bodily perception of sensations, clarity, understanding of feeling, acceptance and tolerance of feeling, readiness to confront unwanted emotions, self-support and modification. These factors accounted for Alpha Coefficients for attention to feelings, bodily perception of sensations, clarity, understanding of feeling, acceptance and tolerance of feeling, readiness to confront unwanted emotions, self-support Unsatisfied sexy women in sabzewar modification were in the range of 0. The results of convergent validity revealed that reappraisal, observing, describing, act aware, Non-judging and Non-reacting had significant positive correlation with ERSQ.

Also, nonacceptance of emotional responses, difficulties engaging in goal directed behavior, impulse control difficulties, Lack of emotional awareness, Limited access to emotion regulation strategies and Lack of emotional clarity had significant negative correlation with ERSQ. The issue which has received widespread attention was a trend towards an increase of incidence of this phenomenon in our country. Because of its common frontier and proximity to the deserts of neighboring countries in western provinces, Lorestan experienced an average of more than dusty days and 16 times higher than the global standard in recent years. The dust phenomena have many impacts on health, economics, and transportation of the country.

Studies suggest that dust storms lead to increased respiratory illness. Researches reveal that the rate of hospitalized patients' incidence due to pulmonary, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases increases exponentially once the dust phenomenon occurs. Using descriptive statistical method and simple linear regression and correlation relationships, this study analyzes the annual and monthly statistics of dust data of patients with asthma and pulmonary diseases referring at Shohada Ashayer Hospital of Khorramabad during The statistics show the impact of dust on the exponential rate of patients with asthma and pulmonary infections referring to hospitals to the hospital.

One of the most common causes of death around the world is smoking, influencing the physical and mental health people. As selecting a healthy lifestyle in men is less than that of women and the health of men working in health area plays an important role in providing health services to people, the current research was conducted to examine the relationship between smoking dependence and general health among male smoker employees. The current research is descriptive-correlational type of study, carried out on male smoker employees of Urmia University of Medical Sciences, who were selected using convenient and targeted sampling. Research questionnaires included Question general health questionnaire GHQ and Fagerstrom test for nicotine dependence.

Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics through SPSS software. The mean score for smoking dependence and general health were 3. In general, findings revealed significant and direct correlation between general health scores and smoking dependence. People with less nicotine dependence showed better health status. In fact, as nicotine dependence is low, the physical and mental health of people will be better and the risk of mental diseases, especially depression and anxiety disorders, will be less. Hearing is an essential prerequisite for mental and muscular growth; so much so that numerous studies have reported that there is a relationship between balance disorder in children and their hearing impairment.

Therefore, the present study has aimed to examine the relationship between fine motor skills and demographic indexes in healthy and hard of hearing students. The Purdue Pegboard Test was used for evaluating fine motor skills. The analytical results of the comparison made between the skills of left-handed and right-handed students indicate that there is no statistically significant difference between the students in the two groups. On the one hand, mucositis is one of the debilitating diseases which is followed by side effects caused by cancer treatment, eating disorders and verbal and nonverbal communications.

Thus, the present study has aimed to compare the effect of honey mouthwash and oral care on the quality of lives of adult AML patients undergoing chemotherapy. Research data were analyzed by the SPSS software. The study design was semi-experimental using a pre-test and post-test along with control group. The population of the study was women referring to Health Home of Tehran's Third district. Sampling method was voluntary. From among the women who referred to Health Home of Third District of Tehran, 30 were selected based on the inclusion criteria and after completing the questionnaires, 20 of them with the lowest scores in the questionnaires were randomly assigned to the experimental 10 subjects and control 10 subjects groups.

All the subjects filled out the research questionnaires after completing treatment and the two-month follow-up, whereas the members of the control group got no intervention during the study. The subjects were post-tested with the same tool as pre-test. We analyzed the data using statistical descriptive methods to get the frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, standard error, multivariate analysis of covariance analysis, and single variable covariance analysis. The results showed that GMCT made meaningful changes in the experimental group's members, compared to the control group members, concerning reducing anxiety and enhancing EI. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of positive group therapy on the self-esteem of adolescent girls in Yazd city.

The present study was a semi-experimental and pre-test-post-test with control group. The study population consisted of all free university students and sampled 30 female adolescents, 15 of them in the intervention group and 15 in the control group. The intervention group participated in the treatment group with positive-psychological approach, but the intervention group did not receive any intervention. There was a significant difference between the mean scores of pre-test and the test of the experimental group. Considering the effectiveness of group therapy in the positive attitude toward self-esteem in adolescent girls, it can be widely used in school environments for students.

Therefore the quality of life of these patients is seriously affected. Furthermore a protective factor for Dealing with stressful clinical setting might be the psychological resilience. The present study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral group therapy on the quality of life and resilience of women suffering from breast cancer. This is a quasi-experimental pre-test, post-test and follow-up with control group design. The treatment consisted of eight weekly cognitive-behavioral group therapy sessions and follow-up evaluations were carried out two months after treatment.

The findings suggested that intervention was effective on the dependent variables and the result preserved over the time.

Therefore it could be concluded that cognitive-behavioral group therapy appears to be promising as a therapeutic intervention for improving quality of life and resilience of women suffering from breast cancer. Histomorphometric and histological changes of testis in busulfan-induced oligospermia and azoospermia infertility Author: The objective of the Unsatisfied sexy women in sabzewar was to determine the histological and hormonal changes in busulfan-induced oligospermia and azoospermia. All animals were assessed for histologic, histomorphometric and hormonal changes of testosterone and anti-Mullerian after 35 days.

In an azoospermic group, the luminal diameter and area significantly increased in comparison to oligospermic animals and this increase was less than the control group. In an azoospermic group, cellular and total diameters and cellular and cross-sectional areas significantly decreased in comparison to oligospermic group and this decrease was less than the control group. Numerical density and tubular count per area unit in the azoospermic group were significantly more than the oligospermic group and in both groups were more than the control group. In mice receiving busulfan, spermatogenesis index significantly decreased when compared to the control group. In an oligispermic group, the testosterone levelwassignificantly more than other groups while anit-Mullerian level showed no changes.

Histomorphometric, histological and hormonal assessment were introduced as prominent variables to confirm successful induction of oligo- and azoospermia,while these findings can be added to the literature and open a new window for future interventions in treatment of male infertility. Investigating the effect of heat exposure on distraction in male and female in laboratory conditions Author: This study aimed to investigate the effect of heat on the distraction of male and female was conducted in a controlled environment. This empirical study was conducted in the heat stress chamber.

So it is recommended that male do not do two works at the same time, when exposed to heat. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of week exercises rehabilitation program in stable and unstable surfaces on balance, fatigue and quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis. Thirty patients were divided into two exercise groups.

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All patients received supervised exercise training sessions, 3 times per week for week. The patients in both groups performed a combined set of strength, stretch, core stability, balance and walking exercises. However, patients in combined exercise training group in unstable surface practiced on foam surface. After a baseline outcome measurements, including Berg Balance Scale, Timed single leg stance Fatigue Severity Scale and Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life, patients were submitted to a run-in period lasting 10 weeks without any rehabilitative intervention.

Three other assessments of outcome measurements were performed before and after intervention and also week after the end of intervention. The results showed that there were significant improvements for all outcome measures in both exercise groups. Exercise group in unstable surface showed significantly larger improvement in balance than exercise group in stable surface. According to research findings, exercise in both groups resulted in considerable improvements in balance, fatigue and quality of life Unsatisfied sexy women in sabzewar patients with multiple sclerosis.

The relationship between clinical competence and occupational stress in Iranian clinical nurses Author: Clinical competence is necessary to providing safe and effective patient care. Nursing is associated with high degree of stress. Despite the importance of quality care and nurse professional development, the relationship between the two has been neglected. The purpose of the study is to investigate the association between clinical competency and occupational Horny grils at dutch in vaduz Design: A cross-sectional descriptive correlation design was used.

Data was collected through Competency Inventory for Registered Nurse and occupational stress questionnaires. The mean score of clinical competence and occupational stress were It seems that when nurses' clinical competence is high, naturally the knowledge, practical skills and work experience as well as high, therefore their expectations and accountability will increase and this may increase stress. In addition, stress is an inseparable part of the nursing profession. Nurses experienced high stress in the workplace, and it may be possible, nurses despite having high clinical competence, have high occupational stress Clinical Relevance: Nurses stress may cause adverse professional and organizational complications.

Nurse Managers and hospital administration need to collaborate on coping strategies and education to advocate for reduced work-related nurse stressors. Dignity in Older People: A Systematic Review of Studies Author: With aging, preserving the dignity of our seniors as they succumb to aging has turned into an important concept in life. This concept was primarily formed in communication with others and guarantees personal health. Given the importance of this issue, this study examines the attributes of dignity in older people. This study is a type of systematic review.

After searching the databases, screening and qualitative assessments of studies were performed on 4 articles during the systematic review. Based on the findings, seven major concepts respect, privacy, independence, social and family relationships, pain management, integrity, participation in self-care and three sub concepts social participation, unique treatment, and value were identified which are indicative of the dignity of the elderly. One of the important demands of the elderly is the need for dignity. This concept is very complex and is influenced by a wide variety of features. As one of the care providers to the client, nurses need to be aware of the dignity of the elderly.

Improving the status of the elderly requires the provision of living conditions along with dignity, respect, and reverence for them. Pressure ulcer incidence is common in coronary artery bypass graft CABG patients. Pressure-reducing surfaces are prominent intervention to prevent of pressure ulcers during surgery. Phone number My e-mail Webcam The more important our line Cheaing to a person, the day we can injure, last of a hopeless shemale escort service long trust. Here we will dinner on the top 6 friendship and down online dating sites. Hot mom free dating international sex ear women Pettibone.

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