What Type Of Music Is The Cure

And as a new, you want to be time. I see that was more of his pattern, you know. Tyep us, it was always about first to go back and handling our roots when we first broke lower when we were parts. A lot of the global, Porl was the weight huge grip in the Ultra, for out.

So we took it to France and played lots of interesting stuff with it.

How America Fell in Love With The Cure

That was really the role I had in The Cure back then, which was seeing what new cool electronic stuff I could put together Whatt all this new technology. There used to be a store in London called Psycho owned by Thd Gabriel I think musicc he had a lot of things like the first Fairlight that came out, as well as the emulator and all the first sort of really high-end sampling keyboards. At one point I think I tried to sell Pearl on the emulator, but it was early and never quite sounded like the Solina they came out with later on. We took his house over for a month and we demoed those there, and out of those 35 I think about 19 made it to the album. To a certain extent, you have to be prepared to experiment in the studio.

That all changed 30 years ago today.

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