Woman For Oral Sex In Kruje

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Around 70 percent of women can only orgasm if their clitoris is stimulated directly with lips, tongue, fingers or items such as vibrators, while a minority about 30 percent of women can climax through vaginal intercourse.

It's a controversial point but most sexologists believe the clit is the source of all female orgasms. However, women can ib through vaginal intercourse if their clitoris is also stimulated due to the position chosen The Grind is one jn the best known positions for this. Oral sex is more of a sure bet, though. And the tongue is a favourite because it is soft and warm, and because saliva is a natural lubricant that prevents 'burn' from dry stimulation. It goes without saying that the more aroused a woman is from foreplay, the easier it is for her to orgasm in oral play as the genital area becomes increasingly engorged with blood the more she's turned on.

Mastering The Art Of Cunnilingus: A Basic Guide On How To Go Down On A Woman

Oral provides greater orgasmic opportunity To reach an orgasm, women need ongoing, steady stimulation which means that the giver needs to be patient and not rush. In vaginal intercourse, guys typically orgasm more quickly from the stimulation this provides the penis - and women usually need to be stimulated for a longer period than their partners are able to last. In cunnilingus, it's more likely that the giver will provide the right kind of stimulation as there are no distractions to curtail the event - such as his own impending orgasm. The giver is also able to stimulate different spots simultaneously using hands and mouth; multiple stimulation is more likely to take a woman past the point of no return.

And if his tongue tires, his fingers or a vibrator can easily keep up the pleasure strokes. As awareness of women's sexual response grows, especially that stimulating the clitoris is the singularly most important route to female orgasms, pleasuring a woman orally is increasingly likely to take centre stage. For naughty sex toys, our favourite sex positions and hot sex techniques, see OhZone.

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