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If a person were found guilty of murder, the murderer was ordered to give a man or woman, if a woman had been killed to the family of the murdered person. If the murderer became a slave, his family could ransom him. On the lowest administrative level was an elected village headman with a female magistrate whose special function was to decide breaches of the public order by either sex, particularly in regards to the use of obscene language and brawling. The Queen Mother was also important, having her own separate palace and court, a large estate that paid her tribute.

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In the modern economy, kibahw and goats have a monetary value as well. It was, however, the Twa after splitting into two chiefdoms who exercised territorial and administrative authority through their appointed officials, with orders then transmitted to elected village headmen. This is made from maize meal stirred in boiling water until it becomes a thick and smooth porridge.

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