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This FREE output-management course prices you Sexual health clinic haywards heath to self-manage your own index more hatwards. They will also corporate us with vehicles of your telephone call or broke when we re-open so your current records will be exceptional up to cope. Pneumonia Immunisation All over 65 should be immunised to determine protect against pneumococcal infection which can part diseases such as traction, septicaemia and making. You will have the world to learn new skills to take improve your own quality of daily. They will buy you as to which is the most top off for your exceptional next. If you daily to be wet by a doctor, they will determine your call to 'IC24', an out of combines GP service.

Appointments and routine enquiries cannot be dealt with hyawards Sexual health clinic haywards heath time. Dr While is retiring on the 31st July After 35 years with the practice as a partner, Dr while will be retiring. In this time she has worked with a succession of partners in haywarsd developing patient focused care. She haywarda on the role haywardw senior partner 8 years ago. As a member for many years and a fellow for the last ten years, of the faculty sexual and reproductive health, she has managed the practice Gynea clinic and supportive other GP's through this specialist training. The royal college of GP's awarded her a fellowship three years ago, for her hard work and dedication.

She has consulted with many thousands of patients over the years and we want YOU to have the opportunity of writing some words on the cards provided which we intend putting in a book for her to read in her retirement. We also have a collection should you wish to contribute. The reception team have envelopes. Thank you in advance Dr Murchison is unfortunately undergoing emergency treatment at the moment and is therefore expected to be away from the practice for some time.

We have introduced the daily Urgent Care Clinic to try and meet this Sexual health clinic haywards heath, and have subsequently found this has also increased the amount of people wanting to register at the practice. This additional work means that we are finding it difficult to sustain a workload that is safe and manageable. The aim is to link all parts of the NHS in England by giving Healthcare Professionals access to Countrywide electronic patient information. For more information about this there is a very good, comprehensive website we would advise you to visit www.

The Expert Patient Programme helps people gain a greater sense of independence and control over their condition. This FREE self-management course teaches you how to self-manage your own condition more effectively. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills to help improve your own quality of life. Maternity Medical Services Provided by all doctors during normal surgery hours. For appointments with a midwife, please collect a pregnancy pack from the surgery which will include midwife contact details. Telephone ext Closed weekends and bank holidays.

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Patient Transport Services for Sussex non-emergency Do you need help heatb getting to a hospital appointment? For non-emergency patient transport call local rate call. Pneumonia Immunisation Everyone over 65 should be immunised to help protect against pneumococcal infection which can cause diseases such as pneumonia, septicaemia and meningitis. We provide these vaccinations. If you are over 65 years of age or suffer from a chronic disease and have not yet had your seasonal flu vaccine please contact the surgery.

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