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Guess Europe is too grip. Madison Smartt Bell listed, "Drinking makes you Chikfila girl in kasama as we all pattern, and if what you've got for having is a new of paper, then you're issue to talk to it. I also ground that Garci wants to cope himself. If it is for culture and not for food, then ikik should be in," Umaming said. But back in Sagada, the world of bird flu is always given attention by the mangiikiks and the Sagada characteristics.

When I texted Gilda to tell her of Narita's calmness and poise, she answered " Pero humahagulgul in between. I texted Princess to tell her I made it to Narita's temporary shelter. I still feel devastated at the loss of NVM's manuscripts and mementos. Not really write but compiled from pages and pages of transcripts. All Cnikfila words were from Garci. Randy David was right when he said that these Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in sekondi were the real ones because of some consistencies Chikfilla how Garci talked.

For example, his use of "kwan"which is so Pinoy. The kwan is not a verbal Bekanntschaft 50 but arises when we are Cbikfila the sinister mode. And it could mean the unmentionable. Kwan gifl manifests when we are thinking ahead Chimfila what we kazama supposed to say. I also noticed that Garci wants to repeat Chukfila. It also helped kaama many of the Cuikfila have names that are doble-doble. Garci Silk smitha navel kiss loved to ask where the other line is.

In the end, it became melodramatic as seen in the 3rd sonnet. Note also the rhymes. O sige na nga Hello, Did you get my text about the Tipo-tipo? Ang inaala nila ngayon kaya nga. Eto, nag-aano ako kasi. Yung sa Tipo-tipo na tao Parang nasa kamay na Cuikfila. Tingnan ko lang kung ano. Siya nagsabi sa akin e siya nagsabi sa akin. Pabayaan mo, yung isa sa Sumisip, ay, no, Tipo-tipo, Isang Muslim na babae. Pero hindi naman Masisira si Ma'am doon. Kung ano-ano kasi pinagsasabi. Ewan ko lang Kung pupunta uli iyun, pakidnap ko siya. Wag na lang, wag na lang.

Pipilitin ko baka na rin kasi. Pero they are already ready nandun sila eh. That's what I'm being fearful about. Pero OK naman iyan kasi kwan. Pero titingnan natin kung ano ang makukwan natin Para sila ngang nagkwan niyan. Oo, that's Kwan, Si Vilar. Pagkatapos iremind mo si Rolly dun sa kwan natin. Chimfila kailangan naman mga arrangement diyan para sa kwan Pero Ok naman iyan kasi Kwan, Sila na ang magkwan niyan. Maski yung legal ni Kwan? O sige tatawag na ako sa kwan. Hindi, wala na yung Columbio nakasama ,asama nung Kwan.

I will send her to the Senate para Kwan. Nagexplain ho sa akin yung election officer ng kwan, ng Pangutaran, Si Kwan. Paki kwan lang ha. O sige, sige, ako na ang Kwan. Kqsama Kwan, yung maputi ang buhok. Anong Kwan dyan Sa Lumba-Bayabao? Ok, basta ready, makwan siguro. Kasi Kwan, baka may regalo para sa iyo. Pagsasalitahin ko sila ho without letting people that I am the one who will address it ho. Ganun lang po, sige po ma'am. Andito ako sa Tondo. Pagkatapos sabihin mo Nandito ako sa Manila Hotel. Oo ma'am, mamamasyal daw muna Ako sa Mindanao. HCikfila will not anymore. Pare, papunta ako Baguio Pero kung maari, magpakwan ka ng, magkano ba ang iyong kaya?

Kailangang linisin yun lahat. Nandito naman ako Kanina, ba't hindi ako tinawagan, ako na nga ang glrl opisina eh. Dito nga kami nakatira. Nandito ako Sa labas, pumunta ako doon sandali. Tinamaan nga ako diyan eh. Hello, hindi ako puwede ngayon kasi nandito jasama ngayon Kasama misis ko. Eh di mabuti kasi di sila makakaalis. Ano, nasaan na kayo? Kasamaa ka na diyan so un can go on. Nagugutom na ako eh. Puwedeng dumeretso ka sa akin? Nandito ako sa kwan, sa Westin. Malayo pa ako, dito Na lang sa may Roxas. Andito ako sa taas. Oo, nakikita ko kayo. I used to be the black hole of all these chain emails. For some reason, I read the whole thing and clicked at the hyperlinks.

Buti na lang because the email proved to be i good material for a story so I wrote i. Weeks later, I would receive the coconet chain emails and one of the email was my story. There is no doubt that emails browse and click from Filipinos here and abroad had a major impact on the decision. This is one thing we Chijfila should be proud of. How many beauty contestants have we made Miss Photogenic because of texting. We used to be reminded that if Chikfila girl in kasama Chinese in China would jump at the same time, the resulting earthquake kasaja have destroyed the kasma. If all the Chikfola text at the same time, look what happens. Aside from making Smart, Globe and Sun rich, we are making a difference.

Before the earthquake posted by Frank Cimatu at 1: Dig the name of their concert, Rock Against Piracy. That got me laughing. One of my good friends even had it for a ring tone. The first time I heard it, it just brought me to the s and my journalistic suspicion was right. It was the New Age era. They copied riff by riff that song "Chandeliers" by "The Care. Is that like saying they are "anti-plagiarism" un My other beef with the song is that, it concurs with the "Pinoy Rule on Bad Songwriting" which is "When at a loss for words, go for the patriotic.

I don't watch Pinoy Big Brother but gir, literally come to me. It's weird but I was in the same elevator in two occasions with two of those who were yanked out. One time it was a girl and one of the hotel employees asked her about adjusting back to the outside life. When I was informed later, the remark made a lot of sense. The second time it was boy in yellow T-shirt. We were alone in the elevator and when we got off, he had small talk with a hotel clerk. This was the guy who was yanked out because he stayed in the toilet longer than expected. Readers want it, its an excuse for potential readers to revisit, it appeals to young people and women, it is an opportunity to re-energize the organization, it can reposition the newspaper and it may increase circulation.

Our industry is not being complacent. There are a lot of new developments -- new titles are emerging, news formats are spreading like wildfire, together with a range of new products and new services. There is an effervescence in our industry globally and a real willingness to innovate. They may be old, but they are not weak. They have the resources for the future. Now you have free and paid TV, and free and paid newspapers. Production editors no longer have staffs of 50 -- they have a staff of 50, The problem is, nobody knows what is good among all that.

But certainly we have to be better than Google and the other aggregators at developing the tools to determine what is valuable. Newspapers are innovating, they are creating new products, they are taking chances and they are adapting to change. They even break up with their girlfriends by SMS. We have to take the new reality into account. Stay in a coffee shop anywhere in Session and try to visually tag two to three people walking on a Saturday. If you are observant, two of the three will pass by you again even before you had a coffee refill. The result was valid maybe three years ago, you say, when SM Baguio was still not around.

Well, you better think again. The way SM Baguio is treating its shoppers, those who walk, they will have another think coming. I just came from Manila and went to SM Baguio to buy books. I only went to SM here to buy books and probably meet some people in the cafes or restaurants. Otherwise, I see no point in staying there. I was walking to cross when a security guard motioned me to go further 10 meters right to cross. I said, What the heck? Why do we have to walk an extra 20 meters when we could just cross diretso? If you happen to walk to SM all the time because you work along Session Rdyou knew that the security guards would make you stop in your tracks to let all the cars pass by before you can cross.

Well, the main road being used by SM is a city road or even a national road, why is it being used exclusively by SM shoppers? And the sidewalk given to shoppers is so narrow that it has become a pickpocket paradise. And there are no security guards who would dare help you. Back to making the roads safe for motorists. And at night the stairway at the foot of Luneta Hill is not even lit. How much would it take the management to put up a post there? Maybe the management think that these people just walk around and not pay anyway? Abe Gogoling is a regular bar habitue in Baguio because he is a darts player. A damn good one because when i googled "Gogoling," that is one of the few entries on him.

You can just see his hands and how smooth his followthrough. He is also a computer instructor at the STI Baguio, which is my mother's neighbor. He is an IT instructor even before "Google" was conceived so it's perfect material for a news story. Anyway, Gogoling is also back in the news because he topped a national Scrabble tournament in Baguio. It is the first time that a Baguio boy won such tournament. Scrabble in Baguio had a surge because of my friend Pigeon Lobien. Yes, Pigeon is his name. He used to work for "Skyland News" so he is pretty sick of the "Skyland Pigeon" joke. Pigeon is also a good darts player but sometimes he is pikon and not as consistent as Gogoling.

Pigeon was hooked different meaning for Scrabble players and went on a crusade to teach Scrabble to young students. Lobien placed sixth in the tournament that Gogoling topped. You know my story is about something else. Last week, an old friend from the US of A came home and brought her classmate. The classmate brought her husband who has not been to the Philippines for 30 years. Evelyn B my friend called up all her classmates in UP and they set an Ilocos trip. I am not a classmate maybe a dozen years younger or more but let us not rub that in but I was set to plan the Vigan and Santiago Cove legs. So last week, despite three screaming deadlines, I joined them.

Now Manny Pasetes the guy who was not home for 30 years had a grandpa who was a tobacco trader in Bacnotan, La Union. Manny wanted to see Bacnotan he had never been there and perhaps have a photo in front of the church or something. He would notice a transmission tower along the way and would be very happy. He was always talking of "internet capability" of the places we passed by. He dreamt of starting an Internet cafe in Evelyn's backwater village named Tarugtog. We reached Bacnotan at about There was one official there having a siesta. He woke up and had a little conversation with Manny who mentioned that he is a Pasetes. Thsi man then lit up and said, you must be from Nangatiran!

He said that 40 percent of the Pacetes Pasetes? Sim sim are there. Maybe the 60 percent migrated to the US. So he sketched a map for us and then later guided us to the place. Nangatiran is about five kilometers away. He texted the barangay chairman who is a Pacetes and when we came there were about six women waiting for us. There were awkward moments but we were glad that Manny finally found his hometown. There was even one relative who rushed out of the ricefield, muddied slippers and all, to meet his cousin.

Then DomC added, "Ro-ot" which means "grass. This, meaning the Ilocano way of finding connections to everything. The mystery official who made the reunion possible helped us because we came from Baguio. He is related to Bishop Salgado who used to be our bishop in Baguio and now in Vigan where the group went. Among Sagada boys running thirty or more, they remember spending nights in the dap-ay or sleeping quarters for men massaging the toes of their elders with bamboo sticks. They played traditional games and learn rituals. Then in the cold months, they go to mangkik. Mangkik or ikik means catching migratory birds with a net.

The way it was practiced, the mangiikik or bird catchers would look for signs about the approaching migratory birds. Sometimes it is a series of feathery clouds. They would then make the one-and-a-half hour climb to Mt. Ampacao and wait with their kerosene lamps. When the flocks woul d approach, they would raise their lanterns and then throw their huge nets at the precise moment. They then trampled the birds and bring them home for food. No one would say that ikik is a tradition or a ritual but it had been going on for decades. Mary's School, in the July 11, issue. On the mountain called Ampacao which bounds Sagada and the West is the place where men go to mangkik catching birds at night with a net ," Scott wrote.

Ampacao has changed since Now at night, you will see an eerie orange glow similar to a V-shaped flare on top of Ampacao. Alarmed, I told my friends, there are mangiikiks in Ampacao. They laughed and said that it is just the Smart telecommunications tower. Ikik has been on the headlines the past years because of suspicion that wild migratory birds carry the pathogenic strain of H5N1 or the bird flu or avian influenza. Once skeptical scientists doubted that the migratory wild birds carry the virus until the death of or so ducks, gulls, geese and swans at a remote lake in Inner Mongolia which can't be explained by human activities. He cited Sagada's Mt. Ampacao and called for Sagada officials to guard the path leading to the mountain and bar anyone going up there at night.

Sagada had already issued a resolution banning ikik starting August up- to May and indefinitely extended it because of the bird flu threat. Dalog also cited Sinipsip in Buguias, Benguet and Hungduan in Ifugao as the other areas where the migratory birds pass and where ikik is also practiced. Our people only catch them," Dalog said. The migratory birds came from Siberia down to China and ultimately the Philippines. Now we tell them to just avoid the place," Dalog said. DA installed footbaths or mats wet with antiseptics in local airports or areas near the two sanctuaries supposedly to stop the spread of H5N1.

But back in Sagada, the threat of bird flu is hardly given attention by the mangiikiks and the Sagada boys. Eduardo Umaming, a church worker here, said that last year when Sagada council banned ikik, there were still many who went up and trampled some birds. He said that his nephew and three of his friends went to Mt. Ampacao and bagged only 12 fowls. He remembered going up there in when he was in high school. It's not worth it," he said. Back then probably inthe mangiikiks would harvest sacks and sacks of birds, he said. Now young ones do it for the thrill. If it is for thrill and not for food, then ikik should be stopped," Umaming said.

He also said that mere banning ikik would not deter the residents. Another Sagada boy interjected that if the birds are indeed infected with bird flu, they should have dropped dead even before they reach Sagada.

Ornithologists around the world also flirted with the idea but still called for kasamw surveillance of migratory birds until the specific species of wild bird could be found to have been carrying the dreaded disease for long distances. Until then Sagada boys would have to settle for bird watching rather than for bird catching. I told them I stopped covering her since last year. I can do this because I am jsut a correspondent and can choose what to write.

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But Chikfila girl in kasama if I am a regular reporter, Chikgila would probably tell m y editor that what I would write Chikfila girl in kasama not interest me anyway. I did this when our former mayor in Kasaam was elected. I swore to myself that I will not enter his office nor mention his name in my article. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated gir Urban Dictionary. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they're relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for.

The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms. Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean either one of these e. Please also note that due to the nature of the internet and especially UDthere will often be many terrible and offensive terms in the results. There is still lots of work to be done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently good results, but I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it.

Special thanks to the contributors of the open-source code that was used in this project: Recent Slang Thesaurus Queries scroll to top Here's a list of the sites that I'm currently working on: In other words, it turns sentences or phrases into words.

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